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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

letters to Emily {resolutions, butterfly bandaids/baby jesus, & madly in love}

Dearest Emily,

          Wow!  How hard that must have been!  I am so in awe by us mothers and our situations.  Being a mother brings out all the mother-bear instincts that we never possessed until we pass a child through our bodies into this good world.  I love that you held him and cried with him.  Mourn with those that mourn.  Talking to you on skype the other day really made me appreciate you even more.  You are working so hard with Brennan, it's not easy for you.  But you are doing it, for Brennan.  I have to remember that the hard things with kids at the moment might feel like you aren't getting anywhere, but watching Brennan graduate with honors because of all the hard work you put into his education will pay off.  It's just a short time then BOOM, they are off.  You are such a tiger-mom, in a relaxed fun way......

          As for me and my house we are enjoying the latter end of January, which normally hails it's self in my world as the worst month of the year.  This year, I am trying to make the most out of the longest darkest month, as a positive start to the new year.  So I started some resolutions.
Some people don't believe in resolutions, but why not?  I mean, they are just goals, right?
So, let's have some fun with them.
Resolution #1- Play with kids more
Resolution #2- Be healthier (so relative)
Resolution #3- Be more patient
Resolution #4-finish Children's book and Start               new one.
Those are a few for 2014, I know....pretty boring.  But the more you share your goals with others, the better you are at them.  
Here are a few fun Holiday happenings at the Taylor Bungalow:

         Bear hit his head so bad in a german restaurant while we were dining with some friends, that he split open his brow, blood dripping into his little eye!  Luckily no stitches were needed, but it was pretty traumatizing for the little lad. Nothing like a dresser landing on top of him.  A butterfly bandaid and lot's of mommy kisses later, he was as good as new.  

         Smith was the starring roll as Jesus in his play.  Very emotional for me, there was such a warm feeling of love in the room.  Mary, Jesus and Joseph were all played by children in wheel chairs.  I never thought that having a Smith would change me this much. But I am a CHANGED woman because of him.  I am so grateful for his heavenly spirit in my life.

         Bryce is back to full time studying and it's back to me and my daily routine with Bear.  Smith goes to school, then it's me and Bear time.  Which usually consists of me dragging him along doing errands (by foot) and then going to the park or feeding ducks.  Both are his thrills of the day. Smith still enjoys playing with his Beads. Bryce and I still can't get enough of each other. I guess you can say we are crazy about each other.
         There it is Miss Emiline Harris!

All the Love from Deutchland,

Beth :)

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EnglishLit said...

Smith is a perpetual Baby Jesus for all of us that know him.