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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the night we had to clean the bath tubs and give the kids 2 baths {DAY 3}

{sunrise on kauai}
today we saw whales.
breaching whales.
like we were standing in the water at Anini Beach in our snorkel gear, 
getting ready to dive in and stare at the fishies for an hour,
and my mom yells, "WHAAAAALES!!!!!"
and we looked out
over and over again.
and we were standing out there in the water
jumping up and down with everyone else on the beach,
and screaming.
and it was one of those moments where you know you'll talk it forever. 
because you'll never forget that time you saw the whales breaching at Anini Beach on Kauai.
kind of like how chase pooped in the tub tonight.
we'll remember that forever too. 
with all three kids in the tub.
all of which has just been rinsed, scrubbed, and were about to get pulled out of the tub.
and then had to be cleaned again.
because there was so much poo floating 
and then the tub had to be cleaned.
it was awesome:)
other activities to note:
{in no particular order--in fact, completely out of order}
the cruise ship left port and went right by us while we played at the beach.
about a half an hour after the whales.
we kept wondering if they missed them all together,
or if they were getting the up close view we were wishing we had on their boat.
snorkling with my kids.
holding their tiny little hands.
searching for fish.
a colorful one with yellow lips,
an eel that brennan and sean found.
chase napping under the big red flowering tree in the sand.
i laid by him the entire time.
he was naked all wrapped up in his towel
i sang him to sleep with the sound of the waves in the background.
his little eyes lids would get so heavy,
and then a big red petal would fall off the tree in the breeze,
and hit the sand,
and he'd open his eyes,
and then i'd sing a little more,
and cuddle his body with my arm,
and he'd drift off again.
until finally he was fast asleep,
under the shade of the tree protecting us from the warm hawaiian sun.
with sean and the kids snorkling just off of the sandy beach,
and mom in a beach chair chatting with her friend from down the street. 
there were wooden swings hanging from the tree's branches.
three of them.
they were the reason we pulled over on the side of the road,
and declared that beach our spot for the day.
another 6 hours in the sun.
swinging over the waves washing ashore.
earlier in the morning i went running through the jungle from our house,
and just as i came out of the jungle onto the open road,
the sun came up and shown down on the island,
with the palm trees in rows on one side,
and lush green foliage on the other. 
i accidentally ran 5 miles, and only turned around because i ran into the main road with all of the cars and their tailpipes.
i really think i could run a marathon in hawaii without training.
because the air just fills up your lungs,
and then there's nothing to stop you from running forever.
on the way back i turned off my music and pulled my ear buds out of my ears
because all of a sudden i realized my life was just too noisy for the jungle.
i vowed to myself to work on that more from now on,
quieting my life.
making the static noise a little bit more quiet.
{side note: so far it's not going too well with the bathroom flooding.}
i didn't listen to music the rest of my trip on my runs.
just the sounds of the birds and jungle life.
in the rich thick air of hawaii.
there is no better place on the planet to run.
sleeping in the middle of the hawaiian junble is the best kind of sleep.
at night there are no lights.
no clocks glaring at me,
no street lights illuminating the roads,
just pitch black dark.
you should see the stars!
oh my THE STARS!!!
in the morning all of the foliage keeps the house darker longer,
like a cocoon of sorts.
it's quiet, except for the roosters.
they don't even just roost in the mornings.
sometimes they roost in the night.
i hate it when the roost in the night.
when it rains the water falls onto the big huge jungle leaves,
and it's more soothing than any lullaby i can sing.
we talked about moving to kauai today.
brennan said it was ok, just as long as we could fly cade over.
we had our first shave ice.
they were skimpy on the syrup.
we had no choice,
everyone else was closed.
it was 5:15pm. 
tomorrow we will go earlier so we can get it from the best spot in our entire solar system.
we learned that sunscreen every 2 hours is still not good enough.
we are loser parents who let their kids get sunburned two days in a row.
the kids don't care.
except when we tried to use the luffa on their backs.
i took 2 showers today.
who knew i was even capable of such a thing in ONE day???
christmas miracle.

do you see that kid scoping out my shave ice?!
this might be my favorite scenic pic ever.
the taro fields.
{this sweet pic is by my mom.}

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