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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"the spider webs are real here." -brennan {day 2}

"the spider webs are real here." 
MAC NUT pancakes with coconut syrup from the tiny shop in hanalei bay.
it's the only thing that got my jet lagged self out of bed before noon.
there is no better pancake on the planet.
from the bakery shop in hanalei.
buy your coconut syrup from the big save grocery store next door.
they are fluffy.
they are rich and creamy.
they are thick.
you will die they are so good.
on the way home from hanalei this morning,
i came to the realization that i am now the kind of grown up that likes pictures in the scenic spots.
this almost pushed brennan to the brink of devastation.
i was laughing inside because i realized i'd turned into my parents.
forcing my children to smile in pretty spots for family photos BEFORE going to the beach in hawaii.
full circle my friends,
a great place to be:)
chase cried for every picture,
but in one picture he cried so hard that it kind of looked like he was almost smiling.
christmas card, maybe.
we stayed at the beach for 6 hours.
i can't remember ever staying at the beach for 6 hours.
i survived on bbq pop chips and guava juice the entire day.
vacation life bliss.
brennan and max adopted a coconut on the beach and name HIM "Coconutty."
it had the significance of a small baby child to them the entire day.
where he was, and what he was doing was their most important task.
it was hilarious.
they played fetch with the ocean and Coconutty,
and HE was always so kind to come back every time.
brennan and max ended the day with sunburns because sean and i lost all sense of time.
life guarding in lounge chairs with pop chips and guava juice is a tough business.
no one drowned.
so we are still awesome:)
everything is wet.
especially my nose.
the bugs sing us to sleep like we are camping in the jungle.
except without the tent.
i love camping in houses with beds and bathrooms and kitchens and couches and a roof!
best campout i've ever been on.
so much happier than tents.
the kids found geckos on the porch today.
green ones.
with red spots.
one looked me in the eyes.
i swear.
they are still my favorite hawaii creature.
what i would give to have suction cups on my fingertips.
could you imagine being able to walk the walls of your house.
it would really solve all of our christmas light putting up and tacking down woes.
sand is permanently in our hair.
chase woke up at 5:30am.
and i keep singing "welcome to the jungle" in my head over
and over
and over
but only that one line.
because i don't know any other part of the song.
mom bought fresh green beans from the farmer's market for dinner.
they taste totally different from mainland green beans.
delish still the same.
sean and i stayed up late reading the kauai guidebook.
it made me want to pay hundreds of dollars to go on a helicopter ride around the island.
then i remembered we still have to go home and pay our mortgage and feeds our kids and stuff,
and we decided against it.
a grey gecko walked the wall next to us,
and i was all,
"i never knew there were grey geckos!"
and sean was like,
"me neither."
nevertheless i don't discriminate against any gecko of any race.
in fact,
thank you to all geckos for eating the mosquitoes of hawaii,
so they don't eat my face.
especially while i'm sleeping.
tomorrow: SHAVE ICE.
hanalei bay

my scenic view pictures:)
the taro fields.
the crying picture that looked like he way smiling:)
lifeguard station.
he rescued the pink shovel from inescapable death.
our hero!
can you find all 4 gibson's?
don't let this dream ever end.

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Ben and Katie Brown said...

so jealous! Your mom used to live in Hawaii? That would be awesome to visit there. I can't wait. In my head, we are planning a trip kid free for our 10 year. cross our fingers!