"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

cash is king!

tonight when the thing at the gas station asked for my form of payment, 
i all of a sudden realized that when i was 16 i didn't have a credit card,
and what in the heck did i use to pay for gas back then anyway???
and then as i swiped my card,
entered in my coupon code,
and selected the cheapest gas option i could,
it hit me.
i used cash!
and then as i stood there freezing my buns off
because i'm past the point of remembering coats to go places at this point in the year,
i sat there trying to figure out if i could actually remember paying with cash for gas.
i can remember standing in line inside Cheaper gas 
or whatever that convenience store was called on kelly and main back then.
and i can remember i didn't have a cell phone to look at while i was waiting in line
so i was probably looking at the video safety cam over the register
seeing if my hair was sticking up
or if toilet paper was sticking to my shoe,
or if i could see my underwear lines through my jeans or something like that.
and i can remember that gas was only 99 cents.
but i can't  for the life of me remember handing cash to the cashier.
even though that was absolutely the way i must have paid.
and did you have to pay before??
or was it after?
and how did they not have a gas theft problem if it was after,
but how do you KNOW exactly how much gas you want to buy until you've actually pumped it?
do you really have to go back inside to get your change if you've over paid or pay more if you've underpaid.
maybe that's why the lines were always so long.
or maybe it was just the cheap gas.
i don't remember it one bit.
excepts for the bits i do.
go figure.

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