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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

the time i puked when grandpa joe pulled my snaggle tooth out with pliers.

brennan at the dentist:
"i have lots of teeth.
can you see my teeth?
my friend christian just lost his tooth.
and maddie's tooth is loose.
she sits next to me in centers.
am i close to loosing a tooth?
i really want to loose a tooth.
which one is the looseth?
have you seen frozen?
blue is my favorite color."
max at the dentist:
more crying
gagging on her spit from sobbing
dry heaving while they clean her teeth
making the dental hygienist and the dentist believe that she might actually puke on them if they make her lay back on their dentist chair for one more minute
more crying
more sobbing
sobbing so hard she can't talk
and almost barfed in my lap
because of how hard she was crying.
i am happy to report that all gibson's are cavity free:)
go us.
then i spent the rest of the day telling my kids the story 
about the time my grandpa joe pulled my snaggle tooth out with pliers 
in his dentist office in downtown ottumwa, iowa,
with the rubber animals perched in the windowsills.
because i had two teeth hanging there at once when one came in behind the other,
and when your grandpa's a dentist and you visit him in the summer you get extra perks like getting your teeth cleaned and having your snaggle tooth pulled for free.
except the minute he yanked that snaggle tooth out i puked.
like i barfed right into the little dentist sink that was so conveniently sitting right beside me.
because it hurt.
and all of a sudden there was my tooth in a pair of pliers my grandpa was holding.
my bloody tooth.
and i've never been good with blood.
i mostly blame the blood.
and grandpa and i both just sat there staring at each other for a few seconds.
because i'm pretty sure it surprised both grandpa joe and me.
and then i remember i took my tooth home in my pocket.
and woke up with a 2 silver dollars under my pillow the next morning.

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Amy said...

Poor girl!
As a secretly loved the dentist. Because I got to go and have my teeth cleaned with bubble gum paste, and then they would give me a new toothbrush, floss, and I got to pick a toy out of the treasure chest. Now, I don't like the dentist so much. Except mine is amazing so even though I hate the discomfort, the super friendly office and dentist make it so worthwhile.