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Sunday, May 18, 2014

letters to Beth {trampolines & PARIS '95}

dear beth,
last night after sean mowed we put up the tramp for the season. 
every one of our kids except for chase basically cried the entire time about helping. 
it was not the best.
and then, when all the springs were up and on,
and we could taste victory on our lips,
and the poles were fastened for the enclosure, 
and the pad had one more pole to go through,
we realized 
and had to take it all apart to fix it.
yep, awesome:)
after dinner our most amazing over the fence neighbor came over to help us take it apart,
during which we MAY have found the missing spring we couldn't find the first time.
brennan was in complete meltdown over the entire thing,
but we had strength in numbers and good spirits after a good round of tug of war with the frame,
we realized we only had to take it half down and had it fixed in a jiffy.
now we will enjoy a week or two of pure bliss where the tramp is new new new,
and it's all anybody wants to do.
i just love trampolines!

friend, i just can't believe how beautiful and amazing your pictures are of france!
you are the most beautiful woman on the entire planet.
period. end of story.
i went to paris when i was 13. did you know that? 
i loved getting a baggette and coke in a bottle 
{it was such a novelty back then b/c i remember we didn't have cokes in the bottles anywhere in USA. at least not ones that you could order at a restaurant to your table.}
oh AND orangina, which was my favorite childhood drink.
i was so so happy about the beverage options.
and the cheese!!! OH the brie cheese! it's all coming back to me now!
i remember i took a picture of the mona lisa inside of the louvre museum
with my throw away kodak camera WITH my flash on,
even though the sign said not to.
i've always felt so guilty about that.
also, i tried escargot for the first time, and it was so buttery and delicious.
and the sine river was really stinky.
AND when i saw the statue of david i have to admit i stared at his you know what for a long time.
paris at 13! oh boy, i hope you're laughing.
and i hope you're enjoying my cute little baby fat cheeks,
and most awesomely styled outfits of the summer of '95. memories:)
i remember thinking i was so grown up.
we never left the city, so seeing your pictures of the country were so tantalizing! so many magical places in the world to see, and it makes me so happy to see all of the places you are going. 
you are doing magical escapades all of the time,
and it is inspiring.

sean says to tell bryce to ice his torn ligament.
15 minutes with the ice on. 1 hour off.
as much as possible.
and use the ligament if he can.
b/c it reduces swelling and stiffness and fancy stuff like that.

is it wednesday yet???!!!
i seriously can't wait.

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