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Friday, December 12, 2014

the story of the candy earplugs

for two days i couldn't find my earplugs.
which pretty much means i haven't been sleeping.
i've been hooked since my freshmen year in college on them,
and it's basically my lifeline for a good night's rest.
all but one earplug on the side of my bed went missing somewhere after monday,
so i've been sleeping with one ear plugged,
and my other ear on the pillow side,
but every time i roll over, i wake up and have to switch my one earplug to the other ear 
that is now not on the pillow side anymore.
i was cursing my addiction to ear plugs this week.
so last night i was closing the shower curtain and cleaning up my bathroom from bedtime showers and such, while max brushed her hair and sean chased CHASE down with lotion and jammies,
and brennan sat entranced by the polar express or despicable me 2 or something,
and i leaned down to get a piece of garbage behind the toilet,
and that's when i spotted them!
my bright yellow pair of earplugs!
but the minute i grabbed them i noticed they were a little...
so i walked out and was all,
"who stole my ear plugs and took a bite?"
and max was all,
"i did!"
and i was like,
"ummmm, why did you eat my ear plug?"
and she was like,
"i thought they were candy."
{head hanging low and clearly a little disappointed and embarrassed.}
and that's when sean and i burst into crying laughter b/c well,
i just couldn't help imagining her thinking she was going to get a nice delicious sugary treat without anyone knowing,
and instead she bit off the end of my ear plug,
which i'm sure tasted like foam and earwax.
old built up earwax.
glutton for punishment max.
bet she'll never do that again.
have mercy, poor max!!!!!
btw, i slept SUPER great last night,
as i now had two wonderful earplugs to use again:)
except not the candy one.
i threw that one in the trash.
i need to buy more earplugs...

1 comment:

Amy said...

Hahahaha! that would be so gross! I envy people who can sleep with earplugs. I can't stand having things in my ears and I am such a light sleeper. Sigh. But seriously, that is so funny!