"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 13, 2014

he's making a list

there are about 20 more lists 
as long or longer than this 
that he's written this year.
and we've also had about 5 million talks about how you don't ever get everything on your list,
and that santa gets to decide which ones he chooses to bring,
with any changes and modifications he sees fit.
i think it's safe to say he finally gets the christmas list thing!
"skylanders. i want skylanders." -brennan
"frozen notebooks." -max
"you have sucker?!" -chase
first year nobody cried.
christmas miracle:)
"HO HO HO" might be my favorite thing chase says right now.
that, and "what you doin mom?"
he says that all day long and i love it.
in the car, in a boat, on a house, in the dark, in a tree,
he is so very very cute you see!
i wish i could keep their sweet little baby voices in my house forever.
{BIG thanks to our financial advisor Travis Bowden with Collier, Webb, Bowden, and Associates for hosting Santa
and Marcell 360 Production photography for the pics! the tradition lives on!}

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Amy said...

I love those pictures! Precious!