"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, February 19, 2015

when it snowed and we were dressed for NOT winter

look at 
their faces though.
go back and look again.
it just gets funnier and funnier every time.
in fact, i might have to even get up to go pee and come back again.
just to be safe.
and then it started snowing.
like some FREAK blizzard out of nowhere that lasted for 10 minutes.
and we were freezing!!!
in fact, everyone around us was freezing.
nobody in the entire zoo had coats.
there were little girls sharing their dad's coats,
huddled together like the bats in the snake house.
it was insane.
and all of us utahans that left the house with our thermostats reading 62* were looking at each other like "what the??!!" but no one was judging anybody else because NOBODY was dressed for it.
like we were thinking it was spring or something,
and not february.
especially brennan in his shorts,
max with no big coat {the girl who's lips turn purple below 70*},
chase with bright red, numb fingers and cheeks, and nose,
and me with no socks on.
we've never left the zoo so fast in our entire lives.
which was great because i couldn't push that double bob with three kids riding in it up one more hill.
nobody EVEN wanted to ride the train.
everybody always wants to ride the train.
but even chase was all, "forget the train!!!!!"
and i was thinking about all those pioneers that pushed their handcarts across the plains without cars and coats and northface and stuff,
and let me tell you, that 80* heater setting has never felt so good blasting through the vents of our car EVER like it did that day.
except chase cried all the way home because i don't think his hands thawed out until we pulled into the driveway.
so my nerves were shot.
which worked out great for the kids,
because it meant that they got to watch sesame street and have any treat they wanted WITH lunch,
like they didn't even have to wait until they ate all their lunch to have their treat,
because i was just so desperate to have them all be completely and utterly quiet.
it our wonderfully warm house.

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