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Sunday, February 15, 2015

letters to Beth {you're amazing, operation COLD BIDET, max turns 5, & basement}

dearest beth,
well, i'm just gonna say it. you are the most amazing woman on the entire planet. there. it didn't even need to be said, because it just is. now i will list the reasons why beth is amazing:
#1- kindest heart
#2- patient and long suffering
#3- ability to see beauty all around
#4- finds wisdom in everything, lots of times in movie quotes {let's watch count of monte cristco this summer together}
#5- your energy and will to love and nurture is never ending
#6- most beautiful painter/artist/creative person alive
#7- beautiful INSIDE and OUT. like REALLY.
#8- your laugh, your smile, your eyes!
#9- you go with the flow
#10- honesty, authenticity

listening to your feelings about smith and how you came together closer through his last accident really hit home for me. being a mom is all about relationships, and i feel BLESSED to watch yours grow with your children. like the i feel rich beyond measure JUST to watch your spirit grow and to be around you in this journey of young motherhood together. to be in your presence {see above list}. your laughing and you're shaking your head right now, i know this {see above list}. really.

oh the woes of potty training! let it be said, chase is the perfect pee-er, BUT after two days of knowing how to poop and pee on the potty two weeks ago, he has NOW decided that it was just taking up too much of his time, and he'd rather just go play cars and poop in his underwear again in whatever spot he is currently residing. the man will NOT pee his pants, but he makes up for it in poo. i feel like i'm smelling poo everywhere. i turn a corner. POOP. i go upstairs. POOP. i walk outside. POOP. there doesn't even need to be any poop for me to smell POOP at this point because i think its fragrance has just parked a spot in my nostrils. it's around that much. i smell it, and i just start sniffing it out and making everyone paranoid around me that they've stepped in something. so yesterday i realized that i've made his pooping too enjoyable, or at least this is what my current theory is, because when he poops in his pants i tell him "oops, remember, we poop in the potty now" {very patient and kind like of course}, and then i wipe his little bum with a wet wipe, and he goes along on his merry way. AND THAT'S when it hit me. his poop life is too good. i wouldn't want to poop in the potty if i were him either, you know when his mom's there to clean him up and be all nice about it. so yesterday after the third poop in his pants, i said very kind and nice like that we needed to wash him off in the bathtub...and instead of warm water, i turned that faucet to cold and put it on the power wash setting {it's not really that hard, but that's just the best way to describe it, think more of massage setting. that sounds nicer}, and then i bidet washed his little bum all completely out with not warm water. he giggled and laughed and thought it was pretty funny {he is the comedian of the family, and all is hilarious to him JUST LIKE SEAN--he also laughs and thinks it's funny when he poops in his pants. this is frustrating to me.}, but when he got out he looked me straight in the eyes and said "i no like dat. i poop in potty." operation cold bidet has been going now for almost a week, and it doesn't appear that any behavior has been changed, so now i'm brainstorming over sticker charts and $50 buzz lightyear toys as bribery. i reeeeeealllly don't want to spend $50 though, and a sticker chart just seems like so much effort. probably less than operation cold shower bidet, and probably less than cleaning poop out of his underpants for the next 5 years. i will report my findings to you the minute i get this figured out, but let's not hold our breath...this MUST be the universe letting me know that i'm really not that awesome. thank you humility, i'm so glad you're back.

max turned 5 last weekend. it was a grand old time. she planned the entire day herself. first she wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then she wanted to skip brennan's basketball game so she could stay home and "receive her birthday calls" {LOL--she "gets it"}, then she wanted to take hannah banana to chic-fil-A, then get manicures {i took them to a spa down the street--it was ADORABLE and less than a movie ticket, popcorn, and drink--WIN}, and THEN go on a hike. now you'd think that going on a hike on feb 7th in utah wouldn't work, but it was 70* outside that day because the farmer's almanac was on point with their "warm winter" prediction this year, and so they had the best time. sean took the two girls by themselves up the mountains in draper, and the temple was behind them in a few of the pictures. they had their little gatorades {which max calls "al-i-gade"} and their nutrigrain bars--so cute. she chipped a nail while on her hike, and came home and told me "next time, i think we should do the hike BEFORE the manicures." love that little max and her thoughts. smart girl i tell ya. then i hosted the entire family, cousins, grandparents, and all, for crockpot soups and my homemade breadsticks for dinner, with a FROZEN cupcake spread, designed by my friend tenille with all of the frozen characters on top. max told me it was the best day of her entire life, and i now have two new crockpot soup recipes my mouth is STILL lusting over: cheddar broccoli--it had heavy cream and evaporated milk, and then the chicken fajita something or other soup which took all of 5 minutes to prep and had about 5 toppings that took it over the top {avocados, tortilla strips, shredded cheese, cilantro, and sour cream--mmm, come to mama}. i'm making that one again this week.
the basement building has officially COMMENCED! i can't tell you how surreal it is. for so long i wondered if we'd ever even actually DO it, and here it is coming to reality. contractor dave and neil {stacie hansen's dad--he's helping contractor dave, and he's basically amazing, AMAZE-ing to offer his help, i just love having them both around.}. So this last week they framed almost the entire basement. they have the bathroom and half of the family/guest/entertainment room {when you have less than 600 feet, your exercise room, guest room, and movie room are all in the same 200 sq feet {if that} room. it's grand! multi-functionality at it's FINEST!} left to do and then all of the electrical and plumbing work begins, which contractor dave is also licensed to do. i can't say it enough how much i love these two men! we will all be so sad when their work is done, and they won't be coming every day to our home. they are even helping in operation potty training with chase. there is nothing more adorable than grown men talking about poo-poo-ing in the potty with an almost 3 year old, bribing him with ice cream they will buy him if he will just go. it's like chase has this entire little cheerleading squad, except they hold power saws, nail guns, and turn compressors on and off all day, which they let chase come down and watch them do, while he sits in the byu lawn chair. they let the kids draw on the cement walls during framing. dave drew a car with flames for chase, and then let him scribble all over it to make it his own, and max wrote her name and drew a heart. i can't remember what brennan drew because he came home from school in a really bad mood that day and was all grumpy about it, so i let the men handle it and i stayed upstairs and went through his school binder instead. at lunch time i make everyone lunch, and the men come up from the basement to eat with us. i've been making everything from chicken Cesar salad wraps, to tuna melts, to good ol' PB&J's, and this week i bought everything for BLT's. contractor dave sings kareoke to country music all day long and asks neil if he'll two step with him, and neil tells dave he's messing around too much, and "NOOOO!!! he can't two step with him because he's too old, and he'd better get to work because he's missing his nap time." they are like a little old married couple and it's hilarious. i laugh all day long, and adore them. i really feel like we are spoiled beyond measure to have been blessed with such a great crew. there's nothing more important than being comfortable with people who are working in your home, and we have hit the jackpot.
i've got this little baby bump that is finally noticeable, but i can tell that people are still scared to ask me if i'm pregnant. pregnancy fashion has changed since being pregnant with chase. loose is in. the days of skin tight belly is not all the way out because that round little ball will always be beautiful, but flow-ie shirts to where you have to use your hands and arms to show off your bump is definitely the up and coming, with some little leggings to show off your lady curves below. i am LOVING it. i've never been so comfortable! i have yet to figure out what i'm going to do with myself once it really starts to warm up {like 80's and 90's} because #1-i've never been 9 months pregnant in the summer--feb, march, and april babies}, and #2-i'll be wearing compression tights 9 months pregnant in the beginning of summer, so shorts are out {just imagine what shorts and compression tights would look like}, which isn't too much of a travesty because shorts are sometimes just as hot at pants anyway. so, i figure maxi skirts and me, we will be best friends, and it will be the best of relationships until mid-june when hopefully my compression tights will be coming off for good:).
so that my friend is what's happening around here, along with 60* almost every day in february. it's the weirdest weirdest weather, and i'm loving it. spring came early, or winter never came. either way that groundhog was wrong about 6 more weeks of winter. at least on the western side of the country that is. everything is budding and getting ready to blossom, people tulips are popping up, and all of this has me worried about not having any peaches on my tree at the end of summer because it will surely freeze again, and all of the flower blossoms will be gone with it. oh we shall see what mother nature has in store i guess and be glad that our life won't suffer any from any of it, except maybe making our purses a little bit lighter due to buying our produce from out of state. first world problems, i tell ya.
{the kale we were too lazy to pull out in the fall that came back to life 
in this spring weather, and is producing again. i can't believe it. did you know kale did that???}
you won't believe my little german speaker! he's really starting to take off. he and bear will be gabbing it up this summer for sure. i hope this letter finds you well, and i hope that bear poops on the potty for you better than chase poops on the potty for me, which would be zero pooping on the potty for me. there's nothing more disruptive to a day than potty training that just won't end. this i know to be true.

all my love and well wishes,

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