"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, April 24, 2015


we are one in a million.
i love you.
it was a sunny day.
stacie had to put sunscreen on me when we were taking pictures.
you know how i sunburn so easily.
there were only a few clouds in the sky.
the tulips were everywhere on temple square.
the japanese tour bus stopped and took pictures of us.
it was pretty awkward.
i waved at them.
you threw me up on your shoulder.
they took more pictures.
i was so embarrassed.
but i also felt like a movie star too.
i stopped putting on lipstick because we kept kissing it off.
so in most of our pictures i don't have any on.
i love knowing why.
there was a little breeze.
it kept blowing my veil.
after three hours of taking pictures in the beautiful perfect spring utah sun we walked to carl's junior in our wedding attire down state street. 
you bought me an icy cold diet coke.
our friends were driving in their car and hung out the window 
waving and yelling and smiling at us.
i was bursting i was so happy.
we had just finished finals at byu-idaho.
i had taken 21 credits that semester, worked 17 hours a week, and still got straight A's.
you worked full time because it was your off track.
it felt so amazing to just be there together with no responsibilities but each other.
i don't remember a single thing going wrong the entire day.
i'm sure things did, but i was oblivious.
just being with you, taking in the entire day, celebrating us.
i couldn't have asked for anything more.
when the kids all wake up all night long,
and we're BONE tired at the end of the day,
and there's poop everywhere,
laundry that's not done,
and it seems like the toys have taken over,
sometimes i'll think back to that day and the week of our honeymoon right after,
and i'll just go to that place,
and it makes me so happy to just be married to you,
being with you through all of it.
and remembering every detail of that day when it all started eleven years ago today.


Susan Anderson said...

Happy anniversary! You've made a wonderful family, and you have so many great things ahead of you.


Amy Involuntary said...

The cloud behind the angel Moroni almost looks like a heart. I love that! And I love this post. Happy 11 years!!!