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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

safe and sound like little sardines.

i wear earplugs every night.
ever since the dorms at chico state. i'm hooked for life. it's fantastic.
it's the only way i can tune out all the noises and stay asleep,
not worrying about all of the little sounds that go creak.
and the other night i was telling sean that my earplugs have literally vanished.
and now i'm down to one single pair.
and when one falls out and gets lost in the sheets at night i panic.
because then i know i'm down to one single plug,
which is still manageable because i just use it on the side that's not laying on the pillow:)
i'm such a genius i know.
so anyway, i was telling him about this on friday night.
how i can't figure out where they've all gone.
he told me how cute i was, and then we went to bed.
then next day we started moving beds down to the basement, vacuming rooms, and pulling toys out from underneath all of the spaces that have been hidden under the guest bed and brennan and max's beds for 4 and 1/2 years, and all of a sudden sean comes RUNNING out into the hall laughing so hard he can barely contain himself.
why you ask?
because it appeared the mystery of the missing earplugs had been solved.
sean had found all of my earplugs neatly shoved into a little toy car under the guest bed in chase's room.
we just KNEW it was chase right away because it had his name written all over it, but just to make sure i quizzed the other kids.
sure enough, chase was found guilty as charged.
he even fessed up about it when we asked him.
and it just made me SO happy inside.
because i love seeing little glimpses into the world of my kids.
the one that they have in their own little quiet spaces,
where they put their most prized possessions,
and they operate in their land of play without me,
even though i'm there and they're there.
where they're figuring out life for themselves,
all while i'm doing laundry,
making meals,
brushing teeth,
wiping faces,
driving carpool,
reading stories,
giving baths,
being completely oblivious to the private parts of their lives that are just rightfully their very own.
and i just love when i get to see a little part of that.
also, i REALLY loved that i found ALL of my missing earplugs.
shoved inside chase's toy car,
so that i don't have to be down to one plug anymore.
all safe and sound like little sardines:) 
so handy they were all in the same place.

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