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Saturday, April 18, 2015

on not hobbling faster than my legs can carry me {31 weeks}

i feel like i'm 95.
like when i've been sitting for awhile,
and i go to get up,
i can't.
grandma gigi and i were commiserating about this on easter together.
she gets it.
even though she's not quite 95.
and i don't mean like i can't stand up.
cause sometimes she can't stand stand up.
sometimes that part is hard for me too,
like when i've been sitting on a chair without a cushion or the ground,
or laying on my right side propped up halfway,
then i can't stand up on my own.
but mostly it's the move one foot in front of the other part that's the trouble.
especially as the day goes on.
like after ski school today i drove down little cottonwood canyon,
dropped max off at home with sean,
and then drove over to target.
and when i went to get out of the car at target i opened my car door,
stood up,
and i knew i wasn't going anywhere.
between the varicose veins flooding themselves and my left hip that just wouldn't budge, 
i made it about one and a half steps toward the rear of the van looking like Quasimodo 
before i waved the white flag and realized i was just gonna have to give it 5 minutes 
before i could go.
so that's what i did.
i stood there patiently waiting,
posting up next to my van,
sweating my socks off because i'd been in the snow with the kids all day,
and now here i was in the valley in a long sleeve shirt, ugg boots, compression tights, and black pants.
in 75*.
so i stood there texting sean that i couldn't move and how i wished i would have changed into flip flops, and wasn't that actually pretty funny how i literally could not move?
finally the motor of my left hip warmed up and the compression tights did their job,
and off i went to buy endless amounts of organization propaganda for my house.
and for once in my life i'm not trying to hobble faster than my legs can carry me.
closing down alta in april. 
above: brennan far right heading to the lift. 
ski school 2k15: brennan is a pro at the chair lift and max is finally "lift ready."
BIG TIME:) her instructor said she's already parallel turning and brennan's said he's gonna make a great downhill racer with his need for speed. so proud:)

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