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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2 more sleeps.

just keep swimming.
just keep swimming.
just keep swimming.
max graduated from pre-k today.
she was beaming.
god bless miss monica.
i don't think max will ever take off the friendship bracelet she made for her.
i did that once with a necklace a boy made me at sleep away summer camp.
we smooched in the bushes.
just on the lips.
i'm pretty sure our camp counselor and all of the other kids watched.
and made fun of us for it for the rest of camp.
sleep away camp was THE BEST!
and not just for the smooching in the bushes in the hundred degree heat.
the waterskiing and the horseback riding were my favorite.
by the end of the 2 weeks i was doing all of the horse vaulting where you stand up on the horse's back and ride around all fancy.
i had this green trunk i brought.
and we slept on bunk beds.
and we put on the little shop of horrors play the very last night.
i played the bag lady and sang the opening song.
top 5 of my favorite childhood memories was that 2 weeks at sleep away camp.
man oh man,
i literally wore that yarn necklace that gave made for me around my neck for the ENTIRE year of 6th grade.
seems pretty gross now,
but it was beyond awesome back then:)
and then i deemed a song from the forest gump soundtrack "our song".
the one that went like "sugar pie honey bunch, you know that i LOVE YOU! i can't help myself, i love you and nooooobody else {dun dun DUN DUN}."
do you know it?
he was my fake boyfriend that entire year of my first year of middle school.
back when there was no facebook or instagram to connect you to people.
those were the days.
the good old days!
i've officially become that lady who tells her kids about the good ol' days.
my favorite part of the whole thing was when they did a little number with the charleston in it.
every time the chorus part came around, they bent down and did their little charleston moves.
nobody does a Charleston like max.
TOP NOTCH and dead on the beat every time.
who knew?!

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Amy Involuntary said...

Ah, memories! And that is such a funny picture of all the kids with their glasses on and their red hats. I love it, and wish I could see her do the Charleston!