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Monday, June 8, 2015

to my lolly pop {a letter to max}

dear max,
i LOVE watching you dance.
you had the biggest smile on your face,
and you could just tell that you love to be dancing.
it's so fun to see you doing something that you love.
at age 5.
sometimes i just want to pinch myself because i can't believe i get to watch something so beautiful as you.
you were most excited to wear makeup.
you always want to know what makeup i'm putting on you.
the powder.
the pink eye shadow.
mascara next time.
that's what you decided.
then we curled your hair.
i burned your little left arm so badly that your tears washed off most of your make up.
i felt so badly.
we put a cold wet towel on your arm,
and dad got you an ice pack.
for sure i've traumatized you for life.
i showed you the scar i have on my forehead from when i was in 7th grade and burned my head curling my bangs with my cordless curling iron.
you never forget your worst curling iron burns.
by the end of the night you said it didn't hurt anymore and told me how you showed all of your dance friends your burn.
i'm still just so sorry!
you said it's ok.
you might not be getting a sister, but i swear to you, you're getting something way better,
and that's brothers.
because when it comes to brothers,
you've hit the jackpot.
nobody has better brothers than you.
they clapped for you,
yelled "GO MAX!" when you walked out on the dark stage,
and brennan told you at dinner after that he loved all of the dances,
but YOURS was by far the best.
i thought this was so so cute.
chase smooched you on the lips.
brennan said no way,
but you could tell he was so proud that HIS sister 
was the best little lolly pop he'd ever seen up on that stage.
we ate mexican take out,
and then dad took you and chase to the mcdonald's drive through for vanilla cones in a thunder and lightening storm {you wanted shave ice, but we had to knix it b/c of the storm},
while brennan and i stayed home to clean up toys in the big room and read books because he was too scared the car was going to get struck by lightening and kill us all.
my favorite part of your outfit was the little sparkly pink hats positioned off "slightly right" as we were instructed to do, along with the hot pink 80's finger gloves.
your little leap across the stage and partner bit were my favorite parts.
after dinner, you wrote miss emalia a third letter telling her how much you love her,
put it in an envelope,
with your name, her name, and about 500 stickers on top.
you had me put your rose in water that brennan gave you,
and then we all went to bed late.
i'm so glad we all got to be there to watch you.

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Amy Involuntary said...

Oh my goodness, that is so sweet! She is one lucky girl to have such amazing brothers! They are so good to her.