"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, June 12, 2015

she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny BLUE polka dot bikini {i've got rituals}

                                    {9.4lbs}                                                                   {7.14lbs}

                                       {9.6lbs}                                                               {??? lbs}

when you've been induced 
four times,
you come to have 
#1-get the hair colored and cut
#2-get pedicure
#3-take the bikini pic
and those my friends,
are my rituals.
my favorite one of them all is the bikini pic.
and i owe it all to my mama who started it.
there is nothing that brings me more pride and joy than comparing these 
pictures over the years when it comes to being pregnant.
and now that my kids are getting older they LOVE it!
and i love showing them to them.
also, the many hairstyles of emily kathleen are documented.
so that's pretty fantastic.
i love remembering and seeing the way i looked right before delivery, 
remembering the nerves, the excitement, the feelings of accomplishment,
and trying to guess how big the baby will be from looking at the pics the night before.
even though sean assured me tonight that this is NOT a scientific predictor of baby weight,
and he thinks my well wishes for an 8 pounder are historically out of the question.
to him i say,
we shall see my friend,
as it DID predict chase would be bigger than brennan.
even if it was only by .2 ounces, i'd say it did in fact show us he would be.
there you go.
decide for yourself,
that's all i'm sayin'.
and now,
ladies and gentlemen,
drum roll please....
i give you,
the woman who started it all!
Grandma Carol,
with ME in her belly,
in a bikini,
on her due date.
emily be white.
carol be tan.
aint no pregnant ladies be braver than us;)
2 legit 2 legit 2 quit.
yeah yeah!
and now,
for the record,
let it be known,
and going against my better judgement,
i'm guessing, 
based off of my 
very scientific 
picture comparing prediction methods,
that this baby will be..... 
8lbs and 14 ounces.
{or 9.11, whichever. i get two guesses 'cause i just do.}
it's officially been placed on the betting books.
and now it's your turn!
place your bets folks.
'cause it's GO TIME:)


December said...

You look so cute and amazing!
My guess... 8lbs 7 oz!

Amy Involuntary said...

You are beautiful, and look fantastic for being on your 4th kid! Love your rituals!