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Thursday, October 30, 2008

brennan's nemesis
babies should be able to blow their nose, this should not be a learned habit.
the end.


Stacie said...

Buy Little Noses saline. It helps loosen everything up. It worked wonders for Elizabeth!

BTW, it's more expensive than adult saline, but the bottle is a really good design. Buy it once and then you can pry the top off and refill it with the cheaper ones.

keri said...

Madison HATES that thing. I agree with your friend on the saline. I use that all the time with her.

Buckeye Nut said...

We lovingly refer to this as the "boogie" monster. The girls were not thrilled with them but Seth loves his. Crazy kid. When we use it he just laughs and then even when we don't need it he'll go get it just to get a giggle. Demented!

Dana and Adam said...

I hate that thing! Katelyn needed it all the time, and we can vouch for the saline nose drops. I was expecting more of the same with Zach, and I bought the drops before he was even born, but it turns out he has the coolest nose. His boogeys come out on their own and we can just scrape them off. He doesn't even know what that thing is. Lucky him, lucky me.