"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, October 30, 2008

scariest bath ever

it went kinda like this...
1. big tub
2. baby doing splits
3. baby sliding around in tub
4. baby reaching for swimming lobster toy
5. baby slamming head into side of bath
6. baby face planting into 4 inches of water
7. mom pulling baby up & trying to pretend she is not freaking out so baby won't freak out
8. mom using dad's stethoscope to listen to baby's lungs b/c she is PARANOID
9. baby's lungs sound clean and good
10. baby gets to play with comb on mom and dad's bed while mom hugs and kisses baby
11. baby takes nap
12. mom checks on baby 5 times during nap to make sure baby is ok
conclusion: back to the sink it is folks!


Kiss Kiss said...

Oh noooooooo!!!! I think you're a great mom.

Don't worry about a little tumble.

I make babies cry.

Gilbert Family said...

awww poor B. try those little plastic tubs for babies. they are convienient and they stay put. sorry it didnt work out.

keri said...

Sounds rough! Hope little B is recovering ok. It sucks when your kids get hurt!

Lauren said...

That would be scary!! I don't have kids yet, but the whole bathing thing looks intimidating! They are so slippery!! :) You are a great mommy!

Carlson Clan said...

haha...you're so funny Emily!! I love your posts! I remember the first time Ellie slipped in the bathtub it freaked me out too!!! Now she does it all the time...no big deal haha!