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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4 nielson's:
claire, ollie, jane, & gigs
i am still promoting the fundraising event 11.18.08 for the nielson family. if you are just reading about this family for the first time you can read on in my blog to hear about their story. these amazing faces have two parents who were severely burned in a private plane crash mid-august. their medical bills, after insurance, are climbing into the multi-millions, with no sight in end. if you live in the salt lake area you can help! you can attend the event i'm promoting in sandy, utah on 11.18.08 from 7-9pm absolutely FREE!!! $5 will be donated just because you were there! to make sure your attendance counts, register for the event (listed as salt lake city, utah) at www.complete-wealth.com.
leave a comment if you're coming!

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