"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, November 6, 2008

lies no more

me around 2 years old
i used to be a liar. as a kid i would lie to not get in trouble. as a teenager i would lie to get away with things (sorry p-rents). as a young adult i would lie to avoid hurting someone else or to manipulate a situation to my benefit. it was exhausting! i am POSITIVE that everyone has told a lie at one time or another.

two years ago i made my new year's resolution to "be honest." i wasn't telling the big whoppers anymore, but i found myself using little white lies without even realizing i was doing it. i have found that i disappoint people more often and have made certain family members distant, but i really enjoy not having to worry about what i say and do. i always know that my integrity is strong. now, i am not saying that i have not made errors in judgment or assumptions b/c the good guy above surely knows the answer to that question. i am thinking of a recent situation where i assumed something would not be a big deal and didn't think to mention it. well, apparently it was a big deal. i'm still working on perfection, aren't you? i don't mean that in an "i want to be perfect way." perfection is a funny idea isn't it? give it up, if you haven't already! life is so much better without it:-) and without the lying too.

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Kiss Kiss said...

I have done the same thing! I have vowed to be 100% honest. If I forget to call someone back, I tell them straight up that I forgot! I want everyone to know that I am honest, no matter what the consequences!