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Monday, November 3, 2008


meet & greet monday!!!
that's right folks, a new genre of my blog. be looking forward to mondays b.c they will bring a new person for you to get to know. if you would like to apply to be featured in the following week's "meet & greet" just leave me a comment for consideration and tune in each monday night!
(inspired by none other than ms. stephanie nielson herself).
family and friends, meet & greet mr. sean d. gibson
full name: sean david gibson
age: 27.1
birth place: orem, utah
resides: utah
happy place: me anywhere with em and brennan (awwwww)
favorite color: blue, just blue...i don't have shades of blue
disney movie you love: sword in the stone
what tool would you be: anything but an allen wrench, i hate them. i'd be an electric drill.
why? b/c it's useful to screw in everything you want me to screw in
languages: english, spanish
family background: sister natalie, brother landon, sister ashlie
sport: basketball
one word to describe you: i hate these things honey
that's five words dear, nevermind.

tune in next monday for an aussie from down unda'!

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