"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, November 27, 2008

simply having

grandma "gigi" making biscuits & gravy for thanksgiving day breakfast.
the holiday season is upon us.
i've noticed lately how the lost art of writing has enriched my life.
i love the writing process, but particularly the finished product.
have you ever poured over a piece for hours, only to return later for a few touch ups?
it's amazing how your writing is an extension of you.

my cooking is an extension of me.
for thanksgiving and christmas i have always been deemed the "sweet potato and ham roll" maker. i have failed two years in a row at the gravy, but i won't give up on you gravy! this year i have gone up, up, and beyond with some new treats. sean's mom and i decided to delete pumpkin pie from the thanksgiving menu. gasp!
tangent: i'm trying to find "simply having" by the beatles on itunes, but cannot find it, anyone who can help? my holiday season is not complete without it.
back to no pumpkin pies...
let me explain. numerous pumpkin pies were kept as left overs from a-town's bridal shower two weekends past, and to be frank, we are all sick of pumpkin pie. HOWEVER, as s.d. gib and i did some last minute turkey day shopping last night (4pm, not recommended) he was beside himself when he learned there would be no pumpkin pie. so being the good little wife that i am (HA!), i grabbed a few extra ingredients to whip up some pumpkin pies. they were quite easy to make. i had to buy a few new $$expensive$$ spices, but oh well. it's thanksgiving right? sean guaranteed me his holiday would be ruined without them (the pies that is). here they are cooling in the fridge on the top shelf.
the masterpiece i am most proud of is the carmel pumpkin cheesecake on the shelf just below. oh yummy crust made of graham crackers, toasted pecans, brown sugar and butter...i can't wait to taste you! with baking i've found that it's not really about the finished product. it may be for everyone else, but for me it is the time spent making. i love the taste testing and sampling. maybe that's how writing is as well...even though the finished product is oh so rewarding, it's really all about the process. i can hear mrs. raddatz (my 12th grade AP english teacher in my ear), "go deeper emily, go deeper." i guess that's how life is too. we're working toward something, but it's what's along the way that makes it all worth it.
thanksgiving's not about the meal right? it's about making it all day long, only to sit down and eat when you're too full from everything else.
note: if you are looking for some awkward thanksgiving comedy get "home for the holidays." if you don't like it the first time, don't delay in watching it again. trust me, it gets more hysterical each time.


Heather said...

mmm save me some leftovers!!! or send over the recipes!

zoo it is - let me know when you want to go.

ps the video was great, and i loved browsing all the others
happy thanksgiving

keri said...

"Simply having" is by Paul McCartney. Not The Beatles.It was recorded WAY after they broke up. That may be why you can't find it. I might have it somewhere. I'll check if you want.

keri said...

"Simply having" is not a Beatles song. It's by Paul McCartney. It was written way after they broke up. That may be why you can't find it. I think I have it if you want me to check.

Dana and Adam said...

I'm a self-proclaimed Beatles expert. Your friend is right. It's by Paul McCartney. And his post-Beatles band is called "Wings." His wife Linda was in the band, which secretly bugged me because she had a bad voice--and because I wished I could have had her life. Haha. Happy Holidays!

emily said...

oh yes, thank you thank you. my step mom will be so ashamed i didn't know that...sigh