"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, November 29, 2008

friday night lights

we got to go out on a date last night!
where did we go?
the jazz/kings game,
and oh yes, thanks to wild bill we had VIP tickets.
our tickets included free parking across the street from the arena and a fancy dinner (complete with a romantic rose topped table for two) in the VIP room.
we were four rows back from the court. i could literally smell the sweat...and hear jerry sloan's obscenities (boo).
we couldn't decide if we would want to be in the huddle or not...jerry has quite the potty mouth outside of the huddle...hmmm...i just wanted to touch boozer's 3 ct. diamond earings (yes, there was one in each ear).
after the game all of the christmas lights were lit, closing our lovely evening in a romantic way.
thanks wild bill for a great date and mom for watching little B!
oh, and hun, i LOVED being with you. you were a great date:-)


Thompson's said...

sounds super fun. i am glad you got to go out. It is hard with a little one.

Gilbert Family said...

oh my goodness...it looked like you two had a blast! i bet you were a GREAT cheerleader! (like always!) you look beautiful! how do you get your hair to do that? SLC is so beautiful! especially during this time of year.

ryan and stacy beck said...

Awesome date! I can't wait for christmas. Unfortunately we're heading to mexico next weekend for a week (our babymoon). We've decided no more long trips at christmas time cuz it just makes the christmas season feel that much shorter. I am decorating today. I can't wait for kids so its that much more fun and meaningful. Crazy Dolly's having #3. How old are the other two? Have things settled down with her littlest-last you told me about them he had lots of allergy challenges or something. When's #2 for you? no pressure!

Lauren said...

Your hair looks AMAZING!! You guys took such cute pictures! Sounds like a very fun date night for just the two of you (which I'm sure are hard to come by for you these days!).

Winder Love said...

Greg and I love the Jazz. One time I entered him into a contest on the Jazz web site, and we ended up winning. WE got 4th row seats, and a nice dinner on the top floor. It was so fun. Glad you guys enjoyed the game. Also your hair looks awesome. I love it.