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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thanksgiving thanks

after two cups of mint tea, i went to bed last night with a sore throat. bless our little brennan's heart for never waking once until 7am. bless my wonderful s.d.gib for swooping him up after his morning nursing to feed him his cereal, play with him, and give him a bath, so i could go back to bed. thank you heat blanket for warming my sore muscles to not ache. thank you brennan for going back to sleep when that darn door slammed on s.d.gib's way off to school (seriously, hun, not your fault, that door has it in for us i think). thank you mr. nielson for your thanksgiving video. thank you stephanie for changing our family's life. thank you courtney for writing about it all.

if you have been following stephanie & christian's story you've discovered an added level of gratitude for the smaller things in your own life. you've discovered how much we have to be grateful for, and how someone's tragedy can help so many others.

i went to bed last night feeling down from my sore throat with an overall sick feeling (mom, can you come over and make me some tea?). i woke up still feeling yucky, but after wonderful s.d.gib brought me breakfast in bed this morning (god bless you dear), i walked out to my favorite morning activity (checking cjane) while brennan napped away. my spirits were uplifted, and the wonderful spirit of thanksgiving dawned on me. enjoy the video, but don't waste your time with one or two tissues, get the whole box!

i love you all.

happy thanksgiving.

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