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Monday, November 24, 2008

"meet & greet monday!"
today i have the privilege of introducing you to an
alaskan princess
who is quite the lady to look up to.
ladies & gentlemen, friends & family,
meet & greet
full name: Jocelyn Marion Peterson Johnson
age: 26 - Holy Cow!
birthplace: Kodiak, Alaska
residence: 3 bedroom home the size of an apartment; San Antonio, Texas
hobby: Gardening and trying new recipes
something you've done that i haven't: Alaskan Native stuff. I've caught and cleaned fish, been out on a commercial fishing boat, driven a boat, hunted for - caught - cleaned - cooked and then eaten octopus, been with my father while he shot and dissected a seal right on the beach (I took the fat off of the seal hide when we got home, and I was the one running into the house when the bear came down our driveway cuz he could smell it miles away).
fishing experience: One time I saw a 300 lb. halibut - it was bigger than the guy that caught it. (He strapped himself into the seat on the boat in order to reel it in). Joceyln's son Ethan, age 10 months
family: My dad is Alaska Native - He remembers life with just radios and no running water. He grew up setting traps and taking care of his 8 younger siblings. I'm married to Daniel Johnson (2 yrs. this Dec!). Ethan was born in January of this year, and we are adopting my 12 yr. old nephew this spring.
something special about you: You can tell how I'm feeling from my facial expressions. alaska or texas & why: Oh man, tough one. I'm Alaskan through and through. My home state is beautiful, dynamic, and pretty dangerous, but Texas has some of the best people I have ever met. Their work ethic astounds me!
favorite memory with me: ward activity at the gym...we had reserved the lower courts and people were playing different games - tennis, basketball, and my favorite - volleyball. I was a senior, not sure about my future, not sure how committed I was to doing the whole married/Mormon-mom thing. I was playing volleyball and I heard someone shriek over by the basketball court. I looked over and there was Sean and Emily Gibson, a counselor in the bishopric, running all over the court with Emily on his shoulders holding on to him for dear life! They were hilarious and having the greatest time. I looked at the joy on their faces and thought to myself - if marriage is any thing like the Gibson's, if it can be that much fun, then it's worth it. It was one of the many memories I recalled when I made the decision to be a wife and mom rather than a career-woman.
one word to describe you: comfy

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