"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


is my favorite number.
it's no surprise that 200EIGHT was a great year.
8 has always been my favorite number.
my lucky number!
you know, pick a number in your head?
i always choose eight.
guess you'll be able to win at that game now!
made a quilt
became a mother
had a 9.4lb baby with an epidural
(thank you dr. kyle for the drugs & dr. nielson for a healthy babe)
became a nursing mother
became a stay at home mother
(you should try it, it's fab!!!)
watched my husband become a father
and an amazing one at that
fell in love with my husband in a whole new way
became more honest
took maternity leave
resigned from teaching
(at least the kind i got a paycheck from)
fell in love with a 2nd boy
(hint: name begins with B)
learned every kid song known to man
made up a song for everything in my day
traveled to 4 or 5 states
lost 45 pounds
(thank you breastfeeding)
started swimming again
started sewing
successfully made homemade bread
dyed my hair dark (a feat within itself!)
fell in love with my new dark locks
became a "ehem" blogger
(something i had once rolled my eyes at in the past)
was offered a guest blogger post
(tune in to see where & when!)
rekindled old friendships
tried to make new friends, but ended up mainly sticking with the old
made some new friends through the old
fell in love with nieniedialogues
put my baby on a schedule
took my baby off a schedule
put my baby on a schedule
(thank you baby wise)
taught my baby (with sean & nat) how to sleep
increased my milk supply
(very VERY proud of this!!!)
am still nursing full time
plan to nurse until he is 1
(yes, to join the elite 20% group who actually make it there!)
did a 1/2 way homemade christmas
organized a fundraiser for nie
tried some new recipes
fell in love with homemade wheat pizza
recommitted myself to eating more fish
and avocadoes
appreciated my country
my freedom
and right to vote
joined a book club
read over 20 books
purchased fabric & patterns for retro aprons
(will finish in 2009)
reorganized my closets 3 times
(which need to be done again, d.i. i'm supporting you!)
went to the movies once
got released from a calling
got a new calling
set a 10pm bedtime
threw out the bedtime
renewed my temple recommend
try really hard to stay at church every sunday
we are getting better at staying!
(do you have kids? do you know what i'm talking about?)
went home for christmas
got excited for christmas like a kid
(hoping for the 1 gift i really really really wanted-wii)
supported a husband through the first 1 1/2 of grad school
nursed a baby through his first real sickness
(this is not completed just yet...)
leanred that there is really a special place in heaven for scout masters
and mothers
learned what "happiness" is truly all about
found my dreams
found courage
found confidence
(and a whole new wardrobe...
or it feels that way at least)
found more love.
cheers to 200EIGHT.


Susan Anderson said...

Wow, you've had a GREAT year! (Tell me your weight loss secrets, btw.)

Bad news is that my son has officially become one who does NOT want his mother setting him up via blogdom (or any other "dom," for that matter). What a spoil sport. *sigh*

That said, I thank you all the same because I thoroughly enjoyed reading your friend's darling and entertaining blog. Those kids she teaches are lucky to have her! (I especially love her "smiley" posts...)

Gilbert Family said...

dang girl. you had a crazy year. i never really write down what happens throught the year. look out! 2009 might be even crazier!!!

Carlson Clan said...

dang!! You are super woman! I aspire to be you someday!

Shane and Jessie Hayes said...

I loved this! You have done sooo much! Tell me the secret to weight loss if it breast feeding...I'm out atleast for now! haha
I love you! Glad you had ana mazing year, 2009 will bring even more great blessings!