"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 2, 2009

it came it came it came!!!!!

this has been on my wish list for brennan for months!
(dana you know what this is!)
when it went on sale for
50% off
i convinced sean to have it be from us to B for christmas.
it arrived today!!!
isn't it just
you've ever seen!?
i know, adorable.
would you look at those white and black keys!!!
and the shiny red finish!
it's a dream!
i'm in love with this toy,
i could not have imagined how much brennan would love this.
it is a real piano,
just miniature.
you know, for miniature people.
like babies.
hey, no jokes about the pork loin!
we literally had to pry him away from it at nap time.
he was in total bliss.
oh, grandma gibson is gonna love this!
now do you see why i couldn't stop myself from an additional post today!?
i can't wait to see him play with it again tomorrow:-)
those white and black keys and red finish!!!
i just can't get over it.


Shane and Jessie Hayes said...

Those pictures are SO SO SO cute! Glad you finally got it on sale!

Buckeye Nut said...

That is just toooo stinkin cute. I love it. Baby Bach has a whole new meaning. LOL. If he needs any lessons have him give Josh a call, I'm sure he'd like to try it out.

Dana and Adam said...

Yay for Brennan! I am such a huge fan of baby pianos. Your red one is gorgeous. He reminds me of that Peanuts character that always plays a little piano. Zach loves his, too. He crawls over and bangs on it all day long. I can't wait until he gets the concept of MELODY. When Katelyn plays it always sounds pretty. I guess boys and girls are just different.