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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stitch flounce?

i love this little apron.
sandie gave it to me over christmas. she had bought it from an almish community when we went to iowa as kids. dad would go with sandie for an entire day to almish country for no other reason than love b/c all of you men know he was not loving that trip to shop for homemade arts and crafts. what a guy! anyhoo, this little number was handmade, and i think it's adorable. i'm currently making three aprons for myself. i bought the cutest little black with pink polka dot fabric and retro pattern. so cute, but seeing that i don't sew, this has been quite the endeavour. i've learned that sewing is like learning a forgein language.
pin contrast,
stitch flounce,
what was i thinking? i literally thought i would just go buy the fabric, read the pattern, and vwallah! seriously, i graduated college at the top of my class and these things mean absolutely nothing to me. all of you "sewers" out there, try not to laugh.
i will conquer!
wait, mom, can you help me?
thank goodness for mothers!

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Heather said...

i made 4 aprons a few months ago and it is a big endeavor and I'm glad mom was right by my side.

I LOVE your apron, and can't wait to see your work!

PS your blog background is amazing