"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, January 1, 2009

feels so good

there's nothing like an after christmas shopping spree!
seriously, best new year's day ever.
played a few songs on world tour,
got two encores & unlocked a song.
grabbed the babe and hub and went to the mall.
i thought so too, but it was surprisingly not very busy.
i guess noon is still early on new year's day.
the best part was
no, i didn't steal them!
i have morals people;-)
two words:
thank you gift card givers.
almost as much as i love this "steal" i found in the kids' dept. at nordi's.
really, best deal all year!
if you know me, you know i LOVE lucky jeans.
i snagged these little duds for brennan while waiting for sean to do a return.
originally marked as $58
marked down to $37.90
marked down to $28.90
rung up as...
(drum roll please)
$21.34 with tax, but tax surely doesn't count!
seriously, that would have bought a cute little pair at old navy, but no, i got
baby lucky jeans for the same price!!!!!
2009 is so great;-)
and in 2T!
you bet i'm rolling those babies up so he can start wearing them now.
new year's resolution:
wear red lipstick

a lot.

they did my lips at the mac counter, don't they rock!?
i think that might be the biggest my nose has ever looked,
but this is about the lips, right?


Natalie said...

Good jeans, and red lipstick...you are right, 2009 is so great!
Happy New Year!

Proudfeet said...

Happy New Year! What great deals to bring the year in with! And i think red lipstick would look awesome on you!

The Gist Family! said...

Red lipstick is my fave! (Along with a really good deal, of course!) Happy New Year!


ryan and stacy beck said...

cute pants and gotta love the great deal! Wish I could be there shopping with you. I love gift cards too! I bought an adorable Calvin Klein bag today at TJ Maxx that I'm going to use as the diaper bag. Ryan's jealous of the guitar hero! He says you "sound cool" (not that he didn't think that before). Your New Years was alot more fun than ours. Ryan was asleep by 8:30 I think with a bad head cold. I went to be at 11:30 after two movies and hours on the internet researching baby stuff and decor. FYI keep in mind that Ryan and I are trying for a trip to Utah this summer July 3-6ish. He has a family reunion and we're gonna try to make it out for that and for all my family and friends. Still no news about the baby shower.

Sue said...

We did some shopping today, too...at the outlets. We hit them early, and they were empty as can be. It was great; we got all the returns done before there were even any lines to speak of. (Then we found a few good deals, as you did!)

Yep, a good start to 2009...

Dana and Adam said...

Oh my Goodness! Your lips are HOT! (Did I just write that to a girl?)I love MAC!