"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, January 25, 2009

tickling photography

i love this picture of us.
i was tickling his stomach, trying to get him to look at the camera smiling,
but i think this shot was even better than planned.
there's the smile that intoxicates me!
i just want to kiss those cheeks...
and i did right after taking this shot.
cousin jaren below:
i took this picture two inches from his head.
he had no idea i was even there.
heaven bless creamies.
go ahead, have another;-)
again, i wasn't even in the room, as far as they were concerned,
baby pork loin included.
that's why.
by the way, don't you love this disney movie?
i love that the pretty chic goes off to fight.
you know the part where she climbs up the wooden pole 50 feet in the air with two heavy weights?
gotta love that.
it's like,
what strength do i have deep inside of me that i don't even know exists?
(you know, like having a 9.4lb baby and baking bread, stuff like that)
happy chinese new year!
are you wearing red today?
it brings good luck for the new year, so the chinese say. see my red shirt? christmas gift, so cute. chinese new year is actually tomorrow, but on chinese new year's eve you
feast and feast and feast.
but no cutting of anything, it brings bad luck. so that's why there's a whole fish on our table tonight,
yup, head and all.
if you're joining my red lips revolution,
it's good luck
a lot.

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Buckeye Nut said...

That is too cute. Hmmm, wonder what he'll look like with more hair. heehee

I love Mulan. It is one of my favorite Disney movies. I love the song Reflection that is in it.