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Monday, January 5, 2009

evenflo or britax

too many choices.
really, how do you choose?
i bought the evenflo a few weeks ago (brooke's recommendation), but found the britax on clearance last week (bree's recommendation). then there's stacie who said to borrow one b/c brennan will be in the booster before i know it, but then i'll have to borrow one every time i have a kid. i know i want to buy one, but which one do i keep?
main stats:
evenflo-50lb. limit
britax-65lb. limit
they both have to pass the same safety tests, and i'm sure either would be fine as safety is concerned, but i'm wondering if spending the extra bucks on the britax to go up to 65lbs. is worth it. the britax is obviously bigger and looks more padded, but the evenflo has cup holders and a storage bin. lol.
are there any other stats i should be considering (other than price, of course)?
advice please:-)
sean is not too hot on the "cowmooflauge." he thinks we'll need to move to a farm and buy some chickens or something.
i think it's cute though:-)


ryan and stacy beck said...

Well, the cow print is cute but how long will he be in this? Will brennan have an opinion (and does that matter to you). I finally found the diaper bag that I think I want but its got an animal print to it and ryan doesn't like it cuz he'll have to carry it. I offered to let him carry the baby and I'll take care of the bag! What are the laws out there for car seats? Is it 6 years and 60 lbs is it more than that now? If you want Consumer report recommendations I can look them up for you (we have a monthly subscription I'll have for a few more weeks). The cow is more fun but the other blends in more.

The Nielsens said...

okay, i'm posting my thoughts again. as far as I know, the britax looks huge and I would never want to sit next to one in the backseat of a car :) also I can't wait to get rid of a bulky car seat and switch to a booster! boosters are small and lightweight and when you have more kids you'll be stacking these things side by side so you don't want too many big ones to deal with. obviously i'm defending my recommendation :) hahaha have fun deciding! just remember that we LOVE our evenflow and we don't even use the cup holder or storage bin :)

Dana and Adam said...

DEFINITELY the BRITAX. Trust me, you don't want your kid drinking in your car anyway, so who cares about the cupholders. The Britax installs so snugly in the seat. It doesn't wobble around at all like many of the cheaper ones do. You can also buy an additional seat cover. They have tons of different choices. It is top rated on safety. True, it is probably bigger than most seats, but they're all pretty bulky to begin with. I am really anal about car seats. We love our Britax! P.S. The Roundabout model is smaller than the Marathon.

Stacie said...

I love the booster because it is so much more practical. And I'm not talking about money.

The Britax does go to 65 pounds, but is Brennan really going to want to sit in it when he is 6? No. And you will want him in a backless booster so he can buckle himself in while you take care of the other kids.

The other issue I have with convertible car seats is bulk. They weigh a ton and take up a lot of space in the back seat. They aren't easy to transfer, either. I can't imagine having to haul a 20 lb car seat through the airport, in addition to all the other stuff! Also, our convertible seat doesn't leave much room for one passenger in the back seat. Two is impossible.

I think it is best to borrow or get a cheap convertible seat for him to use until he is one and can be forward facing. This is the one I have. I love it. http://www.target.com/Evenflo-Chase-Deluxe-Booster-Seat/dp/B0018QS01G/qid=1231258297/ref=br_1_21/189-2676321-9468549?ie=UTF8&node=3579951&frombrowse=1&pricerange=&index=tgt-mf-mv&field-browse=3579951&rank=price&rh=&page=1

Jocelyn & Daniel said...

Britax is better I think. Higher quality. I have one and LOVE it. If you want storage get a storage thing for the back of the seat to put in front of B, or you can get some that hang in front of the seat beneath his feet. I'm all about the Britax.

Heather said...

Britax!!!! I love my Olivia printed one for my OLIVIA

It is the best fabric - large and you know they will be safe. So cozy for them to fall asleep in and it is airline approved for when you need to put them on an airplane you can bring there carseat onto the plane!

Hands down - it's my FAVORitE

Gilbert Family said...

we have the same 'cow-moo-flauge' (spelling) britax seat. its comfy and it can be used for a girl or boy. britax also has some of the best reviews and reports. its not too big in the back seat. it works for us!

Andrea Ruff said...


Just to let you know Mary, turning 11 on Saturday, is barely over 65 lbs and all of my other children haven't reached 60 lbs yet. Pretty crazy.