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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lampost by the wardrobe

it all began last night.
the air in our apt. had become so thick and heavy.
i felt like i couldn't breathe.
at this point i realized i hadn't been out of our place for almost 72 hours straight.
i looked around my living room thinking, "yummy salt city candles are lit, things are neat and tidy, brennan is in bed, and i'm watching my taped episode of oprah," but i still just wanted to open all of the windows and doors to let the cold air in.
i believe it was what they call
"stir crazy."
instead of doing this, i put on my coat and walked outside.
our street was quiet.
the snow was falling.
i watched the flakes in the street light at the end of our driveway.
i'm always amazed at how quiet it is when it snows.
the cold air felt sooo good.
i couldn't help but want to sleep outside.
i ran down our stairs, grabbed our baby monitor and sean, and we walked down our street until our monitor lost range.
i wasn't done being outside, so we turned around and shoveled our walks.
it felt so good to have some energy, despite my stomach still grumbling from lack of food.
i have yet to have a real meal since saturday night;
no possible way to "stomach" it.
after my 3rd jamba day in a row today, i am on my way to feeling better...
at least i think so.
it is 45 outside!
i didn't even need a coat when we went on a walk today.
i know that sounds crazy to you southern desert people, but to the cold weather folks it means we're on our way to spring.
ok, maybe not that quickly, but at least it's a glimpse.
word on the street is that this bug can last up to 7 days,
and that it comes and goes.
i can agree with the "comes and goes" part surely.
let's hope it's goin' rather than comin'.
do you ever "knock on wood?"
is life really up to fate and chance like that?
it can't be.
and i quote,
"no need to knock, good things come to good people."
the sun is shining,
and it feels soooo good.

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Lauren said...

Sounds lovely (well, the 45 degrees and walking outside part--- not the being sick and shoveling snow part!)... Hope you get well soon, dear! And with those Jamba Immune Boosts-- you can surely kick this in less than a week!