"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"i'm too sexy for your body"

1. wake up
2. go here
3. go inside
4. wait in line for 45 min.
5. see exhibit for 2 hours
6. see crazy things in the body (click here)
7. take these
(love the hat, but can't stand when i don't have time to do the hair,
hence the hat)...where's the red lipstick?!
8. and these (sean's mom, val, came with us)
the end.


Gilbert Family said...

we had that exhibit here in may. i saw it when i was 9 months preggo so needless to say i felt a little queezy after. really cool though.

The Gist Family! said...

I am glad you got to go! Shelby's 7th grade went there for a field trip. I was going to go with them before I found out I was having surgery. She said "it was cool but gross too". Sounds like fun to me!


keri said...

Okay, so we went to that a couple months ago. It was cool, but I totally regret taking the stroller. Did you have that problem? Stuck in line while everyone else in your group got to go ahead. And when we went it was SOOOOOO HOT! Anyway, hope you enjoyed yourself and I hope you took advantage of Sean's student discount. That saved us some good money! Gotta love it!

Shane and Jessie Hayes said...

I'm so jealous you went! Hope you liked it! Remember how you said I needed to read Kite Runner, still thinking about it however the author wrote another book called A thousand splendid sons. I thought you might be interested in it!
I was also thinking that when I was eating cookies I didn't even put peanut butter on them! Silly me....Love you guys!