"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 30, 2009

not guilty

there are many things i feel guilty buying: clothes, fancy food, guitar hero legends of rock (but i did get the game WITH the guitar on amazon for $59.99, normally $89.99, and it is obvious that we needed a second guitar so we could battle. it has come into great use very often), shoes (i haven't bought a pair in almost a year), clothes (did i say that already? well, they are the main thing i feel guilty buying).

there are 2 things i feel absolutely and positively NOT guilty buying (and i'm not talking "OJ Simpson 'not guilty'" i'm talking the real kind of "not guilty"): books and things for brennan.

let's talk about books today.

i love the smell of barnes and noble, borders, and the thought of the smell of books when i'm buying them on Amazon (because i've learned that in order to buy as many books as i want on a teeny tiny budget, i must buy them on Amazon b/c it saves me boat loads of money. seriously, you don't even want to see my checking account balance today...good thing it's the first of the month on sunday, and hallelujah for feb. being only 28 days, most years...).
note to sean: i bought some books today on Amazon! i made sure to throw in some for brennan too b/c again this is one of the 2 things i mentioned earlier.

do you have a book beside you? i do. it's the book thief. i finished it last night. broke my heart with every chapter, but mended it back together again...kind of. nonetheless, i am attached. i just picked it up and took two deep breaths as i flipped the pages in front of my nose. it smells glorious. intoxicating. did i mention i love to read? what books did i buy today? you'll have to wait and see...for now, i'm basking in my "betterness" for learning from the book thief.

bet you can't wait to see what i'm reading next...


Proudfeet said...

Finished! You are awesome! I have only a couple of chapters left, I can't wai! It has totally grown on me as I have neared the end! Let me in on a suggestion for my next read! I am thinking book club is kind of disolving, but I need to keep reading, so keep some suggestions coming! And books, a great justifiable purchase!

keri said...

I can relate with the Amazon thing. I LOVE to buy books from them. WAY cheaper and you gotta love the super saver shipping. They must make boat loads on that. I may only need a $5.00 book, whats that, $3.95 shipping? No sir, can't pay that!! Let me add another $20.00 to my order to avoid that! Funny how the human mind thinks!
I just ordered all of the series of the "What to expect" books and the baby wise book so on my next time around with a baby I don't have to keep yours for months;)
Maybe you'll have to let me use your book thief. I need a good read.

ryan and stacy beck said...

I've been getting into reading--its not a natural thing for me. I would suggest hitting up your local library for the cheapest option. I hear the libraries in Utah are nice too! My sister frequents one in Riverton with the kids. I've been getting movies and tons of baby reads at ours lately. I'm currently listening to The Secret Life of Bees on cd while I drive to work. I know it is probably taking me longer to finish it that way than reading it myself (the cds are like 10 hours long) but I get to use the time I'm driving (about 45 minutes a day) to get through it. I'm working on reading another novel Love Walked In. Luckily I also have Ryan's mom who reads tons and I can have any books I want after she's done. Miss you!

iMaLLheaRt said...

I know I'm not your friend but I came upon your blog via Jackie Booth's blog and I just have to say that I also enjoy "the book thief". I didn't know if I would like it but it's good. It wasn't what I expected! My friend who is an English teacher recommended it and the author is actually coming to our high school to talk about it! I just wanted to let you know that I also liked it. the end.

The Nielsens said...

I tried to stop being a "follower" in high school emily, but if you really want me to lower myself to that title again I will...jk, I do follow your blog using the dashboard feature, i just do so anonymously. If I ever aadd that to my blog you better be the first to sign up! love ya!

Bree said...

what did you buy? i totally have a book-buying addiction that i'm working on..1 step at a time. i admit that during the winter i'm a horrible book reader, but i go crazy in the summer. i need a new book idea.. got one?

also-buy the amounts of books we have in baskets all around the house, you would also know that i LOVE to buy kids books too. i just can't resist. it makes them smarter, right?