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Saturday, January 31, 2009

introducing...emilisq's bloggin' bookies!!!

i couldn't wait another second!!!
ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, i give you...
emilisq's bloggin' bookies!
do you read?
do you love the smell of books?
do you want to learn to love to read?
can you NOT stop yourself from buying books?
here it is:
1. one book every OTHER month will be posted.
2. during the last week of the OTHER month i will post questions and such i had while reading.
3. in the comments section you will be able to list your questions, answers to other people's questions, things you found interesting, humorous, tacky, downright weird, etc.
4. then i'll post our next selection. i will take recommendations on which books YOU want to read, but have many up my sleeves for you shy people out there;-)
(imagine: YOU in a bloggin' book club, anyone watch dr. oz on oprah?)
i've been holding onto this little post for a month now,
twiddling my little typing fingers until feb 1st, and i caved. i had to sneak you a peak the night before my planned launch. i just got too excited,
so are you in?!
good, me too.
our first book for FEB/MARCH will be...

the secret life of bees

by sue monk kidd

happy reading!

get excited!!!


Sue said...

Good book! I've read it, but it was a couple of years ago, so I'll run through it again.


The Nielsens said...

just finished it two weeks ago! but i'm in! I loved this book way too much! want to see the movie badly!

Proudfeet said...

I love love this idea! You clever girl! And I am crazy about this first book selection! This will be so fun to follow! Thanks for putting this together Emily!

keri said...

I LOVED this book. It's been a couple years since I read it too, so I will for sure read it again.

Natalie said...

Great choice! I will read it again to refresh my memory. I love reading books more than once!!
This is exciting! Thanks.

Verike & Ryan said...

Oh this is such a good book! I read it during the summer last year!

iMaLLheaRt said...

Sure! I'd love to read it! I'll just have to find a copy first! haha! Thanks for the invite!