"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, January 29, 2009

notes from yesterday

p-diddy ryan is visiting this week.
well, he's really here to skii.
truth be told, the man is a skii-aholic.
he gets one week long trip a year. he used to go heli-skiing
(where they drop you from a helicopter onto the top of a mountain, and you skii down untouched snow),
but sandma made him promise he would stick to groomed and patrolled inbound skiing now that he is in his "silver fox" years.
silver fox brought his long time friend larry as a skii buddy, awwww, how cute!
(old time friend larry on the left, B in the middle, silver fox/p-diddy ryan on the right)
there's something about babies that turns grown men into little boys. it's like,
"grab a video camera, this is so stinkin' adorable!!!"
fortunately for them, my video camera ran out of batteries about two minutes into filming.
aren't they so adorable together!?
next order of business:
i love that i have built in toys for brennan to play with...
now how can i keep him from slamming his fingers into the drawers?
he was already short three fingers by this picture!
third order of business:
the pork loin has less junk in his trunk as of this morning's bath.
i attribute this to his recently found mobility.
i can't wait to show you what we now refer to as,
"the gimper crawl."
it freaking rocks!!!
super bowl menu:
artichoke dip w/scoops chips
home made whole wheat pepperoni pizza
mini wieners, caramelized with rum
(it burns off people!!!)
buffalo wings
blooming onion w/dipping sauce
root beer
(to wash it all down)


Sue said...

It really is amazing how they slim down once they get crawling. Wait till he walks! Prediction: He will be downright wiry by 18 months or so...


Gilbert Family said...

c'mon em, you know the rum is for you :) sounds like you all had fun!

The Nielsens said...

last year i did a super bowl thing and everyone we knew ended up having to work... stinkin i-bankers! so this year I'm doing nothing for superbowl! jaded? i'm impressed by your menu though! sounds yummy!

Natalie said...

You have a "silver fox" in your family too?!? Aren't they the greatest! :)

And, as usual, Sue is right on...pork loin to tender loin in a flash. So enjoy every roll, and each squishy part while it's there!!

Shane and Jessie Hayes said...

He is sooo cute!! You can make a check out to Relay For Life-Idaho Falls....just so you know!!