"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 13, 2009

big band, pesto, & a '57 ford fairlane

friday night at the gibson's means pizza.

tonight it meant pesto pizza.

love pesto or not,
you must try this dish tomorrow night!!!
if you despise pesto, then just buy the basil leaves.
blend them up.
it's divine.
like the pork loin.
i listed all of the ingredients for you above.
exact amounts as follows:
-courtesy of NieNie-
1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil
3 c. basil leaves, fresh
1/4 c. pine nuts
1/2 c. cheese
sea salt & pepper to taste
1 tsp. garlic, chopped
*i doubled the recipe for an extra thick pesto
*used whole wheat pizza dough (clink on "recipes" link for recipe)
*generous amounts of shredded mozzarella cheese on top
*added spinach the last 5 min. for pretty greens on top

grandma gigi brought apple pie.

we covered it in whipped cream.

we spent the entire night talking about the big band era,
listening to...
ella fitzgerald (sorry lilly allen, move over, ella is taking your place),
frank sinatra,
billie holiday
(gigi told me to play "I'll Be Seeing You" extra loud, billie's voice is just so beautiful),
louis armstrong (mmm, what is there not to love about that raspy flair),
annie ross,
etta davis,
& king pleasure.
i'm addicted to big band.
it has taken over my red lips revolution.
3 women, a pork loin, and a scruffy handsome man...
i can now die a happy woman.

grandma gigi in her "meeting frank sinatra" years...
can't read my words?
click on the picture to enlarge.
why did everyone knock so hard on the 1950's housewife??
ok, besides all of the negative stuff,
it looks pretty glamorous in this picture.
don't you think;-)
i'll take all of the positives of gigi's era.
& all the positives of my own.
it's the perfect mix for me.
big band on iTunes
homemade bread and pizza dough, using my kitchen aid
journaling on my blogspot
shopping on amazon.com
antique shops online
tea parties on facebook (let's be friends? click here)
thank you letters in the mail (nothing has changed)
front load washing machine
line drying your clothes in the summer
homemade ice cream, using my kitchen aid;) of course
vacuuming with my dyson
husband to sweep & mop for me
soap opera's in the form of grey's anatomy, the hills/city
good ol' fashioned reading, on a kindle? not yet...i love to smell the pages too much!
red lipstick, a true classic
it doesn't get better than that.
oh wait.
yes it does!
s.d.gib's officially on spring break!!!!!


Amy said...

I had to laugh, Friday night means pizza at my house too! I have thought about it long and hard, and decided if I could have anyone's voice, I would have to steal Billy Holiday's. I would give my right pinky toe to sing like her. She is a true Diva. I can't wait to try your whole wheat pizza crust recipe. I have been in search of a really good one for a while now.

Fiauna said...

Friday pizza is usauly Papa Murphy's at our house. I love pest, so I'll be trying the recipe soon!

Brooke said...

we had pizza night too! Whole wheat pizza dough, marinated artichoke hearts on half, sun dried tomatoes on half, both with crimini mushrooms, goat cheese, and mozzarella- mmmm. Yours sounds yummy too! I love getting new ideas for pizza toppings- check out http://cheeseboardcollective.coop. They have interesting pizzas.

Lauren said...

Friday night sounds divine at your place! I'm going to have to try the pesto pizza (sometime when Will is not home because he is one who loathes pesto... I can't figure it out!? Basil, evoo, pine nuts, garlic--- whats not to love??).

The Gist Family! said...

I LOVE the picture of Grandma Gigi! She is sooooo beautiful! I just had a thought that it would be so fun for an enrichment night if we could have some of the amazing ladies in our ward who are say 60+ bring pictures of when they were younger and we can all guess who they are! Don't you think that would be fun!?!?