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Friday, March 27, 2009

SMG: "show my game"

my blog is under construction. please love us while we are being made over;-)
i'm getting back to the basics.
like playing basketball.
it sounds basic.
not so basic.
i had fun running up and down the court.
i'm a runner, remember?
click here.

so basketball.

i don't play, but i tried to last night.

it was fun...until we started the actually "playing part."

see, when you don't catch the ball someone passes to you (4 times in a row) they're going to stop passing to you;-)

and if no one passes you the ball, you don't ever get to shoot.

wait, no no, that's a lie.

not the part about "if no passes the ball you don't get to shoot."

the part where no one was passing to me.

i confess, they passed to me.

and i do remember getting it a few times.

i would just panic and pass it to someone else immediately!

this is why i like running.

i'm on my own.

no one is jabbing me, no one is blocking me.

did i mention i elbowed susan in the eye?

woops, sorry susan:-(

sean said he was proud of me.

so excited his wife was playing basketball.

i believe he said "a dream come true."

well, we'll see.

i don't like doing things i'm not good at.

do you?

does anyone?

i know, i know, "practice makes perfect!"

yeah, yeah, yeah,

can't i just practice swimming some more?

i really like swimming.

and running.

notice my SMG shirt?

i won it (do you click on my links? i hope so) on snarky's blog.

i was trying to show my game...

just not sure if my game is basketball?

i'm willing to give it another shot.

tune in next week to see if susan got a black eye.

as for my morning?

i've spent it at the mechanic.

fixing the jeep.

apparently you're not supposed to have your driver's license in a different state than your license plates. that's what they tell me.

so i guess i'm finally not a california resident anymore. sob!

oh CA, you'll always be in me;-) and on my flip floppin' feet!

in utah you have to pass the emission's test before you can register your car. similar to the smog check in CA.

well, wouldn't you know, our back tail light has issues.

wiring issues.

i took it to a great place down the street. they even gave me a ride home. such gentlemen!

they told me i needed new shocks, but that if i was going to sell the car soon i should skip the shocks b/c they are a "lifetime thing."

they had me at hello!

or at "don't get the shocks."


so i trust them now. like a puppy dog.

$262.26 (funny total don't you think? 2's and 6's only please! all other numbers? it's friday, so take the day off! haha)

only problem?

now i have to go to the dmv.

is there anyone that doesn't get a scrunch on their face at those three letters in that order?

d-m-v, shudder.

ohhhh Friday, i think i'll enjoy you instead.

let's leave the registration to monday;-)


Fiauna said...

I am so up there with you on the running thing. I don't like to play team sports at all. There's just too much pressure, and I can't have fun when I'm under pressure. And isn't that what we play for? Fun?
Good luck with the car thing. ; )

Amy said...

Good for you for playing basketball! I don't think I have played it for many years. I envy people who can just get out there, and have fun regardless of their skill level.
Good luck on getting the car registered, and Welcome to the Great State of UT!

Sue said...

I'm a great dribbler, myself! (Unfortunately, not of basketballs.)


Hastings Family said...

I have to make a trip to the DMV as well. I am so not looking forward to it...

Bree said...

Come on! You were wicked awesome!!! It's all about hanging out and having a good time! Plus if we finish it up with a late night movie, what could be better?

Andrea Ruff said...

I went to the church at 6:15pm thinking I was late for the fun basketball night. No one was there! Sunday I heard I was early and it really started at 7. OOPS! I may see you next week and if I can come I'll be sure to pass to you! I will not be contributing much because I'm not a great basketball player, but it sounds like fun!