"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


running is one of my favorite past times. i remember when i hated it though. these pictures are from when i ran a 1/2 marathon in rexburg, idaho (13.1 miles peeps). it was amazing. the farm fields are beautiful in the summer. i clocked so many miles on the black pavement while we lived there, and i changed as a person. for me, running was about doing things i never thought i could do.

i remember the reason i started running. i thought i was fat. gasp! i know, that word almost sounds like a bad word in our culture. seriously, from age 14-25 i spent all of my energy on how to get un-fatted. i even remember buying TDP (teen diet pill) from a seventeen magazine in middle school. i paid $80 in cash and completely forgot about it. about 5 years later i got a check in the mail for $81.50 (or something like that) b/c a court had prosecuted the company for charging for a product and never sending anything. it felt like winning the lottery...and reminded me that i was still "running" that battle.
i can remember not liking my legs. i LOVED my sister's legs. seriously, she still has great legs...but so do i;-) as i look back at old pictures i am amazed that i thought i was "ehem" fat! i have always been a skinny person, but in my mind that was just not the case...until now. did she just say she thought she was skinny!?! how conceited!!!
no really, was anyone else trained to think that way?
thank the good lord above for brennan and sean.
really, thank you God.
for the first time in my life the first thing i think when i wake up is NOT what do i weigh this morning...
it's, "what amazing things will i do today."
now THAT'S living.
p.s. happiness has nothing to do with the number on the scale (in case you are "running")
p.s.s. for more information on happiness email me @ emilygibson82@yahoo.com


Davis Family said...

Emily, you are so great! Your blog is very uplifting! I was just telling my young women that it is too bad that we live in a society that calls you conceited if you think or say something nice about yourself. I encouraged my girls to write down 3 wonderful things about themselves everyday.
Miss you!

Gilbert Family said...

i am so glad that you know you are not fat because you ARENT!!! you are so beautiful! i was never a fan of the running but at least you got out there! i def. miss the scenery of Idaho. so pretty!

Winder Love said...

I love running too... I love working out. It helps me clear my brain. And I agree that it is not about the number on the scale that matters, but how you feel about yourself. (although sometimes the number can be distracting)Great post. Taking care of yourself is a good thing.

Natalie said...

I just found your blog through Sue Anderson's. I really appreciated this post. A few weeks ago, I wrote an entire post about numbers, and how I was going to overcome this hold they have on me...well, I'm not doing as well as I had hoped....BUT, your words I will not forget, and they are going to come in very handy! Thank you for your wisdom!