"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, April 13, 2009

"da club"

step 1:
read sunday comics with grandpa/silver fox
step 2:
easter mass
(yes, we're mormon, but we occasionally go to catholic mass)
step 3:
arrive at "da club"
photo op with bunny & auntie K
grandpa dick was prez of "da club" back in 1985
that's him on the wall of fame below: 
top, middle
so rad
step 4:
bunny with the dolla dolla bill boe tie
grandpa's famous for his money folding
grandma always made sure we had our see's bunnies
grandpa dick, "now brennan, i expect you to eat 3 plates worth"
the pork loin replies, "do they have shrimp?"
uncle ACtual holding the child that has missed a nap...
step 5:
gorge ourselves on food.
i had 2 plates of food: waffles, topped with berries and whipped cream, sausages, eggs benedict, salads, fruits, bacon.
things i saw on other plates: omelets, lamb, locks & bagels
my 3rd plated included: desserts only (oreo cake, choc covered cream puffs, choc covered strawberries...i like choc)
drinks?: shirley temples for the pork loin & me, coke for s.d.gib
remus fizz for the a-dults, latte for silver fox (which he gave up during lent)
are you confused?
yes, we're mormon, and active;-)
but a good chunk of our family is catholic. 
we mix well.
did i ever tell you about christmas where we bought non-alcoholic wine and played a joke on the fam??? it was fabulous...and utterly disgusting! take it from us, the alcohol part must really make wine taste better b/c without the alcohol is just no bueno.

"my child needs a nap..."

step 6:
easter egg hunt

target, thank you for selling these shoes:

age 7: i ran my tights on this same straw...it was sad.
i got in big trouble.
notice i no longer wear tights...

step 7:
petting zoo

is the pork loin the main attraction???

the bunnies were always my favorite.
pork loin with auntie K below:
step 8:
family photo
christmas card???
"the gang"
(left to right)
s.d.gib, yours truly, silver fox holding pork loin, grandpa dick holding jelly bean bunny, aunt sue behind grandpa's shoulder, grandma "joi," auntie K behind granmda "joi," jessie, gram/sandie, ACtual

proud g-rents

step 9:
45 minute goodbye
(no, i'm not kidding, but we like it that way)
step 10:
completely & utterly pass out

before even leaving the parking lot.
the end.

upcoming events?
going across the bay bridge...the wrong way.
where did we end up?
check in tomorrow to see...


Bree said...

that's my kind of easter!!!! i love any meal at the club! (ours was willowcreek-but my gma just sold her membership 2 wks ago..i'm so depressed)

Sue said...

Looks like a good time. The weather is sure gorgeous just now, isn't it?

Lorie said...

I need a couple of those bunnies! ;D

Natalie said...

I love everything about this post!!
I remember spending many a Easter at Catholic Mass. My father is the first person in his ENTIRE family history to leave the Catholic church...yep that went over well, especially when they found out he became a Mormon. :)
But, it's all good now, and I love that it's helped me be more open-minded and given me experiences I would never have had otherwise! And, the parties are never dull! :)

p.s. we like 45 minute goodbyes also, and Shirley Temples, and coke, and big plates of food, and cheeks to gush!

The Gist Family! said...

Now THAT is a good Easter!

Yay for your dad for giving up latte's for lent. I tried to give up sleeping in. It only worked for about week.... good think I'm not Catholic, huh?

Ryan & Melissa said...

Take me to da club next year so i can get out of my pitty-pool of an attempt to follow through with family traditions! I love good buffets like this...don't be ashamed it's the only "legal" time to throw it down to china town {other than being preggers}. Love u, sdgib, and porker!

Fiauna said...

What a fun post. I kinda feel like I was there with you--only, minus the food.

When I was in high school, my best friend was Episcopalian. On Christmas Eve, her family would take my family to mass. It was a good experience. She only came to sacrament meeting a handful of times though.

Amy said...

What fun! I miss California. I need to go back. I am glad you had so much fun, and just need to let you know, you starred in my dream last night. You came over to fix my computer. I was pretty happy. Can you really do that? Can you really fix my computer?
Have a safe and amazing journey back. I can't wait to hear about all your other adventures!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time in Cali! I am glad your Easter was fab, the pork loin looks so cute...he is growing up soo FAST! Holy smokes!

we only invited family to the blessing because we didn't want people to feel obligated to come being Easter weekend and all;) but, we would have LOVED to have you there;)