"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 babies are harder than 1.

we were NOT supposed to cross this bridge.
but i'm glad we did!
i'm not sure if the silver fox agrees,
i'm thankful, nonetheless.
the pork loin and i are in CHICO.
one of my happiest places on earth.
it would only be happier if s.d.gib were here,
but alas, finals call.
so back to crossing this bridge.
it's the bay bridge.
we accidentally missed our turn off to chico,
ending up on treasure island.
the toll lady wouldn't let dad flip a U.
he was not happy.
we'll just leave it at that.
how did the rest of the road trip go????
a lot like this:
dear dad, 
can mommy buy one of those dvd things for the car? 
love, your tender loin.
i know, i couldn't get my picture to rotate.
i am blogging from a fancy dancy iBook this week.
i know, you're already thinking i'm "cooler."
however, i have come to realize that i am
MAC illiterate.
the pork loin has been living off of ritz bitz.
see picture below.
we've been busy, 
that's my only excuse.
it's a good one too.
it has been a great kind of busy.
a knock your socks off,
loving being around your best friend kind of busy.
sorry sean, we couldn't completely steer clear of the mall...
but i never went to buckle, 
that should count for something;-)
don't you worry, 
i've managed to get in some fruit snacks too.
that counts as one serving of fruit right???
okay, don't call CPS, we have had bananas.
and veggies, and tofu, and big fat noodles.
you chico-nians know that all of those things come from...
well, not the bananas part.
those came from stacy and ryan's kitchen.
we washed it down with a big heaping bowl of jon n bons frozen yogurt.
thoughts i've had...
teenagers kissing on the front porch are disgusting.
i hope they aren't out there on our walk tomorrow.
is pot legal in california? 
there are many things that make me question it's not,
which leads me to believe it is...
two babies is harder than one.
TJ MAX is my new favorite store.
will i only think dieting is lame when i'm skinny?
or will i always think moderation is key?
i hope for the latter.
newborns are intoxicating.
1 yr olds are hysterical.
and DANG cute.
i am an idiot on MAC's.
but i feel so hip using one;-)
husbands are irreplaceable.
nap time is essential.
time stops on vacation.
i still don't like the wind.
65 degrees in utah is NOT 65 degrees in california.
why must i learn this lesson over and over again?
it's the optimist in me:-)
upcoming events:
1st's in CHICO:
sorority (go alpha gams!)
but not in that order...


Brooke said...

i agree with so many things! first naps are ESSENTIAL! rediscovered that this weekend, and secondly 65 isn't that hot here for sure! I glad you're having a good trip! oh and by the way I heart macs!!!

alli said...

It seems like you're having quite the adventure. Better get one of those DVD things before you drive anywhere else!

Fiauna said...

Sometimes, here in Utah, we don't realize that 65 degrees isn't the same 65 degrees all over the world. So, I will stop complaining about the weather now.

I agree with all of your thoughts on the thought list. I blog on a mac book. I LOVE it! (but sometimes I still can't get my pictures to rotate either.)

♥CHRISSY♥ said...

Teenager's kissing is agreeably gross.

I think that pot is legal for medicinal purposes in California.

Two or more babies is definitely harder than one (I don't know how Octo-MOM does it)

I as well L♥ve TJ MAX

Dieting is way lame and moderation is alway key.

Being around newborns makes me always want to have one.

I l♥ved my girls at one they made me laugh then and still continue to make me laugh every day.

I have never Used a MAC it is very cool you get the opportunity.

HUSBANDS make the world go round.

I try for NAP TIME every day (most days it does not happen and I miss it)

When ever I go on Vacation I need a vacation for my vacation, it seems I always have to run harder on vacations.

I learned recently that wind is what brings the warm air down and mixes it with the cool air.

65° out here on the East Coast is even more different than from UTAH to CALIFORNIA. It is amazing to me that it changes so much from place to place.

I L♥ve your thoughts and look forward to more.