"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"i felt like running."

"i love running...but i remember when i didn't...running was about doing things i didn't think i could do."
oh dear, did i just quote myself????
my apologies.

are you sick of me talking about running yet?
then you must not have taken the challenge.
look. my friend bree.
she's not sick of hearing about it anymore.
wait, did i just use comparing one person to another to motivate you?
i'm sorry, i know that doesn't work.
what i meant to say is i've seen some of your posts on running.
that you're trying it.
loving it.
growing from it.
check out bree's post today. click here.
and put on your runnin' shoes!
i wasn't even the one who motivated bree to run.
i was just one of her crazy friends that liked running.
"em, i don't run."
i know, but you should, you'll love it!
tonight's a great night.
the weather's warm.
leave the kiddos with your hub,
the school books on your desk,
the "things to do" on the list.
and then tell me about it.
or blog it.
i promise you'll feel super!
and prettier too;-)
and if you've never read any of my running posts,
click on the link below.

oh, and if you're really up for a challenge you can join bree and i july 24th for the deseret news 10k!!!! (bree, are you registered yet??? or am i gonna end up doing this alone;-)

yes, i'm serious, we'll meet you there.

and run together:-)

click here to register.

and then tell me so we can cheer each other on getting ready for the race;-)
are you reading with us yet?
click here to get started!
based on a true story???


Proudfeet said...

I'll be posting about the Salt Lake Marathon tonight, so how is that for timing!

Natalie said...

problem is i can barely get up my hill just walking!! how in the world am i supposed to run?!?!?

Bree said...

geesh!! talk about pressure! i will register now--seriously, you just called me our on your BLOG!!!

Fiauna said...

How did I miss this post. I would love to run with you. Hubby's family reunion usually takes place that weekend, so I'll have to check his schedule. Oh, and I'll email you about that.