"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, April 23, 2009

outta sorts!!!

my house it out of control
i know the pictures don't do the mess justice.
i'm sure you're thinking,
"mine's worse than that."
or you're thinking,
"clutter, i hate clutter.
i'm done with emilisq!"

there's no room in our fridge for the food.

it's outta sorts too!!!

laundry is still out from monday.
and my ledge?
i know, what ledge?!
let's not discuss the bathroom.
what happens when my house it "otta sorts!!??"
i leave my car door open for 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the street.
don't worry,
it was locked.
now what to do about my house...
i could pretend that i will leave it this way for the rest of the day, weekend, blah, blah, blah.
i can't leave it this way!!!
i just can't.
i'll go insane.
i can do a mess,
don't get me wrong.
i can't do 4 days of mess.
i am happier when things are organized.
i feel better when things are neat and tidy.
really, can you say you don't?
enough is enough!
"mr. clean gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute,
mr. clean stays stronger longer 'cause there's ultra power in it,
mr. cleeeeeeeeeeeeean, eeeeeeeeeeeeean, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean."
that's me.


Boulant Family said...

Hehe! I left one of the sliding doors in my van open the whole time we were in Cold Stones eating ice cream the other night!;)

Sue said...

Happy cleaning!


Hastings Family said...

There is a big difference between a baby that is just eating and a baby that is sick(sick babies are sooo much harder),Poor little guy. I have not lost my keys this week because I have only left my house once in the last week, but I do loose those on a regular basis. My house is in pretty sad shape, but I don't have the motivation to call on Mr. Clean quite yet. I have also left my car door open on many occasions:) Sorry if I gave you a strange look yesterday, my mind is a little slow right now. I was probably just trying to process what you where asking:) Good luck with the house work!!

Fiauna said...

Good for you. Now, when can you come over to my house? I'm in need of some serious help.