"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

on NOT being flds polygamists

it was hot.
real hot.
excuse my improper use of adverbs.
just know it was on purpose. sorry dad;-)
the schwan's man came by (aka shawn ray)
we had to buy some pops
the pork loin was in true form.
he ate the entire thing.
the pediatrician assures me
i am not to worry about his "pork loin-ness"
so the sprinklers came on
and we
and it was all down hill from there. or uphill.
whichever your perspective is.

my phone has become my camera.

thank goodness it's snazzy.

kind of like the park in our backyard.

no really, it's a park.

at least that's what people call it.

well, it used to be called the compound, but then people started thinking we were flds polygamists.

so now we call it a park.

and no, we're not flds polygamists.

we're just crazy people that live by our family.

lots of people in our family.

cousins, mothers, grandmothers.

this isn't making a good case for my title is it?

i'll explain later...


Buckeye Nut said...

I'm actually so jealous that you all live so close together. My dad always wished that we lived that close. Instead we live in Utah, Montana, California, Ohio and soon to be Missouri. Crazy!! Enjoy every minute of your unusualness. heehee!!

Natalie said...

Before I read the whole post, I was thinking, Holy Crap...look at that yard! It's fantastic!!

Anyway, I think it's beyond wonderful that you live by so many family members. Especially the cousins for your boy!! I loved growing up around my cousins....GOOD times to be had by all! :)

Jess said...

I know the crazy that can go along with living so close to family, but how fun for now-and you know it doesn't have to be forever;)

em said...

the longer i'm here, the more i love it...although, i think we're all happy to hibernate during the winter months;-) everyone needs some space, right andrea? ;-)

Proudfeet said...

I love his pork-loin-ness! Definately time to fire up the BBQ soon!

Fiauna said...

The compound, huh? I'm laughing. We joke about being polygamists all the time because my sister spends so much time with me and my husband. But I promise we aren't. She has a wonderful husband of her own.

Looks like fun, though.