"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

poison control

the moment when your stomach goes up through your throat and into you mouth.
when you count out 3 sets of 3 pills and one more set of 2.
the set of 2 that should be 3.
with your toddler on the floor licking his lips and smelling of vanilla.
the same vanilla that your vitamins smell like.
the urgent phone call to your pediatrician.
the wait that seemed to take 20 minutes to talk to a nurse, debating whether or not to hang up and just call 911.
the nurse telling you to call poison control, and then not being able to find the number on the little fridge magnet you swear you had.
all the while hearing the little voice in your head,
"duh em, duh!!! KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN. duh!!!"
little toddler now with hiccups, smiling up and laughing at me with those rosy cheeks and perfectly red lips.
talking to marci from poison control.
never being so happy that my child is 30 pounds at 16 months old!
realizing that he would have had to take 30 pills, not 1 to even need to go to the hospital.
giving out my name, number, and home address to poison control.
wondering if they pass that kind of stuff onto CPS?
meeting ann marie for $2 fish tacos at rubios.
giving myself a sarcastic pat on the back and a "mother of the year award."
scaring sean with a facebook status update.
and you maybe too?
putting brennan down for a nap.
feeling happy at the way our day has turned out.
relieved that i'm back to worrying about how many verbal words my child has vs. what he "should" have.
or something silly like that...
hearing brooke shields talk about her "natural and easy friendship" with michael jackson and wondering if deep down she really thought he was just as crazy as the rest of us thought he was?
and that's when you call me the heartless one.


Emmy said...

So scary! I once gave Alex too much Tylenol.. gave her the amount I would usually give Lucas. Luckily she is big and so it turned out just fine.. but I had to call poison control to. You know I can guarantee they don't report that to CPS.. now if you start calling every day with something else.. then the might :)
Glad everything is okay.

Amy said...

Scariest thing ever! I think poison control is really getting to know me. I always call over things that aren't really necessary, but it is better to err on the side of caution than be wrong. I am so glad that he is well. We have poison control on our speed dial, so if there is ever a problem again (as I am sure there will be) the number is right there!

Fiauna said...

I'm so glad the Pork Loin is 30 lbs!!

You're not heartless. I've been weirded out by all of the MJ coverage, myself. No doubt about it, that guy was strange.

Brooke said...

phew! i hate calling too! i called about hand sanitizer consumption. and yes, they can get "intoxicated" off of that stuff. glad he's okay!

Tiffany said...

Oh, that is so scary. Haven't had to make that phone call yet...knock on wood. :) Glad every thing is okay.

Sue said...

It's amazing how they can get into things, even when you think you HAVE put them out of their reach!

Glad he's okay.


Jess said...

So sorry for your poison control scare- it truly is terrifying. And yes mj is something of a freak, makes me wonder about brooke

The Gist Family said...

Poison control rocks! i bet the people who work there have THE BEST STORIES! I once had to call when E.J. ate an air freshener. And I called the first time Shelby ate lotion (but not everytime, because it became a habit) Gotta love being a mom!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

How SCARY! I am soo glad everything turned out okay!

And...I love that you watched the tribute today too...makes me feel a little better about watching it. The Brooke Shields thing, yeah, I totally agree. My guess is they were both high when they had the most fun;)

Soon to be Mrs. D said...

vanilla vitamins?!?!? my vitamins taste/ smell terrible... what kind do you get?

Proudfeet said...

Oh my goodness you guys are lucky! I can't even imagine!