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Sunday, September 13, 2009

elmo was busy

elmo was busy last night.
my question:
is he awake when he moves his things around or does he do it while sleeping?
elmo, compliments of the strong yard sale.
we thank you strongs, VERY much.


Jess said...

LOVE IT! It always amazes me just how much they wiggle and move even while sleeping.

Sue said...

I think we all wake up a little bit in the night and then doze right back off again. So my call is that he moves them while he's in that sort of half-awake state and then snuggles back in to sleep.

Very cute pics!


Boulant Family said...

Too cute!! I think every little kiddo in America loves Elmo!;)

Amy said...

Well at least it is Elmo moving and not your son. I hope he doesn't become a sleepwalker!

Emmy said...

I always wonder the same thing?? Do they wake up that much or just move that much in their sleep.. or is Elmo doing all the moving? ;)

Katie said...

So cute.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Love it. I think that a lot of babies move things in their sleep; Addi has been doing it a lot lately! I love the different stages of the night in pics;)

Bree said...

so cute-glad to be of service