"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, September 18, 2009

miss scarlet, in the kitchen, with the mag light.

i came out this morning with a mag light in hand.
heart "a pounding."
eyes wide and crazy.
there was someone in my home.
someone i didn't know.
i think i may have still had one earplug in.
yes, i wear them.
product of dorm life and an airline mom.
now i'm addicted.
back to the mag light.
whoever was in my house was going to get a firm smashing of the skull if they thought they were going to prance into our place.
fight or flight?
mama bear had to protect her cubs.
that's what i felt like.
so with all of my courage mustered i crept out to the noise.
and what i found made my heart jump!
the scout master.
opening a banana for the pork loin.
babe, next time your early class is cancelled make sure to let me know;-)
that would have been sad to hit you over the head with the mag light.
i can hear it now,
"it was miss scarlet, in the kitchen, with the mag light."


Lisa Anne said...

I probably would have attacked with the mag light. I hate being scared like that. lol Glad to hear it was nothing though.

Hil said...

I hate that! I am most paranoid while in the shower and hear someone out in the living area. It is always the hubs coming back home because he forgot something... but it scares me half to death each and every time.

Sue said...


Love the Clue analogy.


Emmy said...

Glad it was just the Scout Master! Scary

Jess said...

That is the worst thing to wake up to! Glad there was no need for head bashing.
The other night I woke Schroeder from a dead sleep at 4 in the morning because someone was in our back yard, it was the dog, he chased a raccoon up the the telephone pole.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Thank goodness it was Sean!! That happened to me when I was pregnant, and I started BAWLING when I saw that it was Levi...we will blame it on the fact that I was prego and not emotionally unstable;)