"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, September 17, 2009

free...or something

sometime late last night sean came in to tell me he was going to pick brennan up at 5 so i could have a few hours by myself.
i tried to think of every excuse why this was a bad idea.
wait? why am i trying to think of an excuse?
i don't know.
on my way to a friend's house i called sean.
"i forgot to remind you i'll be at stacie's, so we won't be home for you to get brennan. go ahead to your school thing and we'll see you later."
"oh, i'll just come to stacie's."
dang, he's got an answer for everything.
why was i trying to make an excuse again?
still don't know.
why is he offering?
b/c he's great, that's why.
so he picked up brennan.
ann marie and i went out to dinner.
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, bajio!
do you know the jingle?
one pineapple shrimp and a mixed diet coke/dr pepper later i'm here at home.
with nothing to do.
no baby to feed, bathe, read books, get into jammies, or clean up after.
and i'm wondering...
what in the heck did i do with myself before i had a kid????
dinner was extremely relaxing.
no child to feed, hush, or creatively console in public.
i just got to chat.
oh, how i love a good chat.
but now i'm home.
no child, no husband.
and it's weird.
not bad, just weird.
i finished my book last night.
in my hands.
just added it to my top 5 best reads ever.
amazing woman.
holocaust rescuer.
can't describe how in awe i am of her courage.
can't imagine having to live in a world where i have my daily freedoms and choices taken away.
where fear ruled my life.
random find at the end of another book i read earlier this year.
still can't believe i almost didn't read it.
i need a new book now.
suggestions please.
there surely must be a new book on my stack next to my bed.
i fear i may be at the end of my stack.
how did this happen???
referring to the end of the stack of books and the ability of knowing what to do with myself when my child is not present.
have you had this happen?
you surely must have had this happen.
i surely am thankful for the scout master.
it felt really good to have a minute, even if i didn't know what to do with it the entire time.


Emmy said...

Eric went and played basketball last night after the kids were in bed.. and I sat there thinking of million things I could/should do... instead I turned on the TV and vegged... so yeah I know exactly how you feel.

Brooke said...

i'm reading "It Must Have Been Something I Ate" and I'm enjoying it. If you like food- this is a great book! By Vogue's food editor. Have you read the Hunger Games? That's on my list to read. Lucky girl that your husband is home to help like that! Eat it up!

Sue said...

I'm going to do a little research in my Kindle and find a book to recommend for you. (I need to look in there to remember the names of everything I've read in the past few moths, some of which were really great!)

Glad you got a little break from your little Brennan. It's good for you! Makes you appreciate your mommy job even more, right?


Amy said...

I love finishing a book. It feels so good! Since Halloween is coming up I highly recommend The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. He is my favorite author ever. He is so talented! I have to warn you though, it is a little dark. Not so dark that you feel yucky when you read it, but it goes through the history of how we have halloween today. I am going to read it again come October.

By the way, are you still doing the book club? If so, what book are you reading?

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

How nice of Sean to do that for you. Suggestion: when all else fails, go get a mani and pedi...it will take up time and make you feel MUCHO better!