"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, October 22, 2009


that was the temp in our room this morning.
i love seeing the 50's and 60's on our thermometer clock right now:-)
it's like walking into the 7-11 cooler.
i got stuck in one when i was a kid.
my dad owned one, and i was stocking the sodas.
it was really fun.
until i got stuck and had to climb out through the display doors.
must have been a real shocker for the customer going to grab his coke.
so i'm hot.
smokin' hot.
and not in a conceded way, although i do think a healthy sense of self is good for the soul.
like in an "i'm constantly asking everyone if it's 'hot in here'???" way.
and then i can't get that song out of my head.
b/c dang, i swear it's hot in here.
so although i was cursing myself for spending another 1st trimester in the summer heat, i am enjoying all the glory of the cold weather now!
b/c glory be, it's all paying off!
oh happy day, i can open my windows at night and make my room
55 beautiful degrees.
(and yes, it still feels like it's 75 in there to me).
not to mention those food holidays that will be first trimester sickness free:-)
(hello turkey and sweet potatoes! not to mention halloween candy and christmas confections).
maybe the first trimester isn't so bad in the summer heat???
i swear it was though.


Sue said...

Your pregnancy thermostat is like my personal thermostat is all the time. My poor husband is always freezing.


Emmy said...

How does your husband survive??? That is just too cold!

keri said...

I see you are finally reading "The DaVinci Code" ??

♥CHRISSY♥ said...

I was the same way when pregnant with Alexandra... I would freeze John out of the house with the windows open in the middle of winter. He was covered with 4 to 5 blankets while I slept very comfortable in a nice 50 degree room with no covers.

♥CHRISSY♥ said...
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beck said...

Ugh! how does brennan survive? I wouldn't make it 5 minutes in there!!! I have a hard time when it gets to 65 in here. I don't remember heat problems with my pregnancy. I used my heater under my desk at work like normal, in fact it died a week before my last day at work. I wore the sucker out or it new it was time it could retire.

Amy said...

I hear you sistah! I still drive with my windows down because if I don't, I die. It is 51* outside and I am so happy to be out without a coat. My hubby has now banned me from keeping the window open at night because he gets so cold, but really? It is SO hot still! I am almost wishing I could be pregnant all winter long just to keep from getting cold!
Glad you are going to enjoy all that food sickness free! The things we take delight in!