"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, October 24, 2009

swore i would never!

this morning at 6:15am i dragged my
scared, skeptical, anti-flu shot
body into my car and drove to the health department.
along with 5,000 other people.
no lie.
have you ever seen 5,000 people stand in one massively large line?
it's not pretty.
in fact, it's really scary.
you'd be amazed at what it will do to people.
about a block from the turn i was stopped in dead traffic.
on saturday morning.
did i mention it was 6:15AM?
never a good sign.
i had seen the reports from other counties on the news and heard stories of people waiting two hours for a stupid flu shot.
a stupid flu shot!
crazy i called them.
well, this morning i was one of them.
except i waited for 4 hours.
the dark picture above was a small portion of the line that curved through the second parking lot of people waiting.
behind me there were another 2-3,000 people.
i couldn't believe it.
it scared me to death.
people in masks, coughing, sneezing.
why was i doing this again?
oh yeah, b/c my OB convinced me it was not a risk i wanted to take this year to skip it.
so i went.
and you know what?
i feel great.
i feel an amazing sense of relief.
i feel like a real live grown up, making my own decisions.
imagine that;-)
so whatever you choose to do, i hope you feel the same amazing sense of relief i'm feeling this morning.
i'm even going to get the regular flu shot on wednesday when brennan gets his h1n1 shot at the pediatrician.
no really, it's true.
this was the line after 3 hours of waiting.
we (the 4 ladies i made friends with in line near me) had already been told twice that we would not be getting a shot and to just go home.
i still stayed.
see, told you i was crazy.
or persistent.
this was me after being told i was getting one of the last 89 shots!
go me!
now i need a nap.
did i mention i have been up since 4am?
brennan has had a fever since then and was up for the better part of the early a.m. hours.
i do love rocking a sick toddler.
sad, but satisfying.
at least i didn't have to be woken up by a buzzing alarm at 6:15am as i had planned:-)


Sue said...

Good job, Em! As for the other flu shot, if I'm not mistaken, I think they like you to wait two weeks in between vaccinations. So make sure it's okay to do it so soon before you go for it.


Amy said...

Wow, that is an awesome story of persistence! Your poor tired body and poor little boy! I hope he gets feeling better soon and I hope you get the rest you need soon. Up since 4:00 am is not a fun thing to do.

Brooke said...

so was this for a normal flu shot or the h1n1? tried to take blake in for the h1n1 but they only had the one you inhale not the injection for kids under 2. So close but yet so far away...

Emmy said...

Well good for you! And I can guarantee I would not have been that ambitious.

Jess said...

I love sleep too much to have gone at that unearthly hour- good for you.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

One word..crazy! I cannot believe how many people showed up! Go you for braving the crowds and cold! I am glad you were able to get the vaccine!